English Garden Flat Steel Hanging Baskets

English Garden Flat Steel Hanging Baskets


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Product Description

Black Iron Hanging Basket with Molded Coconut Coir Liner Included

Optional "Water Well" reservoir will keep your hanging baskets moist for 2-4 weeks depending on the weather.

Whether you are nurseryman of the year, or still nursing your green thumb these baskets will display your favorite plants with simplistic beauty. Hanging baskets offer versatility in the presentation of your favorite flora allowing you to place it where you can enjoy it from your window or while you are working in your garden. These elegant flat steel wall planters include a heavy black chain that will support a variety of plants.

Coconut coir liner replacements are available in all sizes, year-round.  Add reservoir inserts to keep plants hydrated for weeks, saving you time and money in the garden. Hang baskets around the front porch, from trees, shepherd hooks, or - use a wall bracket. Find everything you need online, or call toll-free to work with a garden expert: 1-888-427-3362

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12in. English Garden Flat Steel Hanging Basket
12" Diameter x 5.5" Deep
14in. English Garden Flat Steel Hanging Basket
14" Diameter x 6" Deep
16in. English Garden Flat Steel Hanging Basket
16" Diameter x 8" Deep
* = Required Option
18in. English Garden Flat Steel Hanging Baskets
18" Diameter x 9" Deep
* = Required Option
22in. English Garden Flat Steel Hanging Baskets
22" Diameter x 9.5" Deep
* = Required Option

Product Overview

Heavy-Duty Hanging Plant Baskets

Our hanging planter baskets are handcrafted and built to industrial quality standards. Although they're made to be used around your home or office, they're durable enough to be used in public areas and commercial settings. Each wrought iron basket is hand made in North America using high-quality materials. Sizes range from 12" diameter to 22" diameter, all boasting the same sturdy flat bar steel construction. The coconut liner we include is made thicker than those you will find in local stores, and is comprised of only natural ingredients: coconut coir, husks and tree sap, which acts as the "glue" that binds everything together. To top it off, we include a heavy-duty steel chain and hanging hook that clips into the metal basket form and easily hooks over 1" rails.

What kind of hanging basket bracket do I need?

You can mount these planters on walls using our outdoor iron brackets and hooks. The bracket size you need is dependent on the size of the planter chosen. The heavier the planter is, the larger and more substantial the bracket needs to be. Both our Heavy Duty Scroll Arm and our Heavy Duty Scroll Bracket is perfect for our larger, commercial-sized baskets (18" and 22"), and there are a number of smaller hooks suited for smaller basket sizes under 18", that do not require as much support. For railing mount applications where 12" planters are used, this handy garden hook attaches to vertical balusters and can be used to line a balcony or deck rail with multiple planters for a gorgeous hanging garden right outside your door. Have a lamp post that needs a pick me up? Click to chat or call for lamp post and light pole brackets that are made to fit the exact shape and size you need for your project.

It's All About the Accessories

Planters that hang are incredibly versatile and are offered with a vast range of accessories. Explore our tools and solution-based designs online. Self-watering hanging basket reservoirs are only available for sizes 16" and up, but we also offer moisture-retaining soil amendments. Fiberglass inserts can be added to the 18" and 22" sizes, making changing out seasonal plantings a breeze. And for people who don't want to maintain real plants we also offer a wide selection of UV-protected artificial hanging plants that can be displayed in full sun for years before starting to fade. Additionally, we also make baskets populated with faux flowers that arrive ready to use - no work required.

For additional information on these products, or to request pricing for bulk orders please call toll-free: 1-888-427-3362

Additional Information

Additional Info

Optional Reservoir Details

Planter Size

Reservoir Size/Style

Reservoir Capacity

16" Diameter

6" Round

Approx. 0.25 Gallons

18" Diameter

18" Bowl Shape

Approx. 2 Gallons

22" Diameter

22" Bowl Shape

Approx. 3 Gallons

Ships In 2-3 Business Days

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