Large Green Kokedama Hanging Moss Ball Planter

Large Green Kokedama Hanging Moss Ball Planter

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Product Description

These unique outdoor hanging planters are a great way to garden up! Save valuable patio space by growing a hanging garden instead. Also a great gift idea, all mosses used are preserved and colored in the United States.


  • Moss ball planter - green
  • Metal chain and hanging hook

Shop preserved moss planters online or call us toll-free to request more information: 1-888-427-3362

Product Overview

New Appreciation for an Old Technique

Just because you love gardening that doesn't mean you have to enjoy the act of gardening. If you enjoy maintaining your favorite plants and flowers but would prefer avoiding hours on your knees digging up rocks and pulling weeds, our miniature hanging garden kit is a dream come true. You get to enjoy the fruits of gardening labor without exhausting yourself in the process. The kit comes with everything you need to turn your favorite plants into easy to maintain gardens. Now you can garden without a backache or getting your knees dirty and you'll have one of the more unique and non-traditional gardens in your neighborhood.

What Is a Moss Ball Planter?

Moss ball planters or kokedama in Japanese are literally what they sound like. Moss is shaped into a hollowed-out sphere and soil and sand are added. This becomes the soil for the plant. Succulents, orchids, ivy and herbs thrive in this atmosphere but other hardy plants can be used as well. The chain to hang the moss ball is included in the kit but you can also place the ball on a dish and place it on a table, bookshelf for other flat surface. They are low maintenance, so as long as you water them once in awhile they will thrive.

Enjoy Your Miniature Hanging Garden Anywhere

The kokedama are versatile, so you can place them pretty much anywhere and they'll grow healthy gardens. Spruce up both your interior and exterior decor with hanging and seeded balls in dishes. Because of their size you can combine several and create the atmosphere that best suits you. You can grow herbs in the kitchen, have ivy gracing a living room wall and succulents sitting on the coffee table or bookshelf. Whatever your vision, our kits can help it come into focus.

Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 6"Dia. x 6"H
Opening: 3.5"

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