Grow Lights

Grow healthy plants indoors with one of these grow lights. Grow lights for indoor plants offer the urban or small-space gardener vital atmosphere control. Along with a good watering plan, indoor table top grow lights ensure that flowers and greenery receive an optimal flow of life-giving resources.

Each indoor grow light supplied by Windowbox is a practical and portable option for interior gardening. Potted flowers up to 19" in height can be placed under grow lights to foster and sustain development. Elegant orchids, vibrant violets and cooking herbs will spawn and thrive right on your kitchen counter. Indeed, grow lights for indoor plants make a fruitful indoor garden possible!

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Grow Plants Indoors No Matter What Your Sunlight Situation

Do with an indoor grow light what the sun does outside: foster a full and lovely garden. Grow lights for indoor plants are important tools that provide essential resources. The life-giving power of the sun is captured here in the form of convenient, grow light system that can easily sit on a kitchen countertop or an office desk.

Every health fanatic knows that grow lights for indoor plants are an efficient way to grow inside. Where potted flowers, herbs and greens are difficult to sustain indoors because of minimal or non-existent sunlight, grow lights act as a sol-substitute, so to speak. Produce an essential light stream to produce vibrant indoor growth for clean air and a calming effect.

During winter months, an indoor grow light is particularly useful where gardeners wish to preserve smaller arrangements year-round. Simply place potted daisies, violets or an orchid under the lights and continue a consistent watering schedule. The presence of blooming flowers is a pick-me-up during colder seasons when everything outside seems to lie dormant. Having fresh blooms and greenery in the house is sure to add cheer and warmth.

Start an Edible Garden Inside

Urban gardeners often utilize grow lights for indoor plants to innovate in small or ill-lit spaces. For culinary enthusiasts, growing herbs year-round is possible with an indoor grow light. Fresh thyme, basil, chives and oregano are well suited to indoor growing, provided there is sufficient light and an appropriate temperature. Grow right in the kitchen and harvest herbs as needed for your favorite, flavorful dishes.

Grow inside for a hale and healthy way of life that extends to all seasons. Having plants inside makes your decor feel fresher and more alive, literally. Try out an elegant orchid, merry gerbera daisies or a tuft of fresh grasses with wispy blades springing upward.

Click on individual grow lights above for more product details. Plants up to 19" in height can be accommodated. Some table top grow lights feature adjustable heights for easy modification to different pots and plants. Grow lights for indoor plants are safe and efficient for interior growing and replacement bulbs are also affordable.