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Indoor Watering

Add an indoor plant watering system to your container garden and watch your flowers thrive! With a variety of indoor irrigation system options, Windowbox customers open up their home and office growing to a world of opportunity. Drip kits and other self-watering tools can be timed to get just the right amount of liquid nourishment to where you need, when you need it.

An indoor watering system allows plants to drink on a consistent basis. As water soaks into the soil, roots take in nourishment that flows through the body of the plant for vibrant growth. And an indoor irrigation system is convenient. Purchase one with a timer and preset the flow of water for multiple plants, days at a time.

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Give interior arrangements what they need with an indoor plant watering system, supplied and available online at Windowbox. The beauty of an indoor irrigation system is the flexibility it offers gardeners. With a consistent flow of water, plants are able to drink on a regular and even basis. No overflows or mess and no wilted disasters following a bout of forgetfulness - just vibrant, refreshing growth.

Here, an indoor watering system takes on different forms like the Oasis Self Watering Kit or basic and variably-timed drip kits. Although the designs are somewhat different, the concept of an indoor irrigation system is always the same: provide a steady flow of H2O to ensure plant life is nourished. Some designs are configured on timers that the gardener adjusts to desired settings. With cycles that range from days to weeks, the amount of control is at your, and your flowers', behest.

Each indoor plant watering system removes the worry of keeping plants hydrated. As your household adjusts to the scheduled flow, manual watering becomes less frequent and keeping indoor plants is better matched to a busy lifestyle. For intermittent manual upkeep, there are convenient coil hoses with precise sprayers for a no-mess wet down. Simply use an adapter to hook up a hose to the kitchen faucet and spray down herbs and flowers with precision.

By clicking on individual products above each indoor watering system is described in further detail. Watering cycles, timers, and parts will vary per item. A drip kit indoor irrigation system can be purchased in basic or variable timer options. The basic kit is the most affordable and a good option for gardeners who like hands-on growing with a little help for consistency. Timed kits are best for on-the-go households where the lowest level of maintenance is desired.

Initiating an indoor plant watering system is simple and practical. Settings can be adjusted to accommodate different flowers, herbs and indoor greenery like ferns. Once an indoor irrigation system is established and timing sharpened, gardeners can sit back, relax and enjoy a thriving interior plot!