Kids Gardening Projects for Junior Gardeners

There's no better gift for a smart kid than a set of kids' gardening tools and a seed starter kit. Gardening projects for kids allows children to grow flowers, harvest their own tomatoes, and help them understand that his actions have an impact on the larger world. When she sees firsthand the complex relationship between plants, and the birds and insects that pollinate them, it will help shape who she is in a positive and profound way. There's no better place to spend time with your kids than in the garden. This time, they really will thank you when you're older. Get started today with our gardening activities for kids!

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Kids Gardening Jumpstart Lifelong Passion

Junior Gardeners can jumpstart a lifelong passion from kids gardening. Whether they are introduced through school garden projects or receive seed kits designed to go in terrariums, once their imagination has been sparked, it will only grow. And once ignited, kids may develop their own garden project ideas. To help children get started in a lifelong gardening habit, we have created many products designed to spark their imagination, from herb kits that will introduce spices for cooking to a grow bottle kit, and many options in between.

Start Small with Small Space Gardening

One of the best ways to introduce kids to growing plants and flowers is to start with small space gardening. Most of the products in this section are designed with that in mind. From container gardening ideas found in our Micro-Greens Grow Box to several varieties of seed starter kits, selecting a project can easily help your child, group, or classroom on their way. Perfect for boys and girls scouts projects or as a gift for birthdays, small window boxes set the stage for initial enthusiasm.

Examples of Unique Window Box Items

Setting up a small window box item can be either a conventional window planter or select from a number of other innovative projects. Great examples can be found in our Emily's Eggs series. These adorable little egglings have been featured in bridal guides and by Martha Stewart as Spring wedding favors, bridal shower place settings and take-homes for other special events. Guests crack open the ceramic shell to grow basil, lavender, mini cactus plants or one of the many other varieties available.

For larger forays into Junior Gardening projects we also carry non-GMO seed kits, grow boxes, pails and bamboo mini garden grow kits. Grow a pizza garden or attract butterflies and bees with these fun grow kits. Everything is included to start a garden project with the kids, right in your windowsill!

From Grow Bottles to Terrariums

For fun projects kids can watch grow through glass, we carry several fun grow bottle plants and terrariums. Select from recycled bottles for your favorite herbs. Or choose terrariums to grow moss or moss and sedum. No matter what you select to inspire your child, our Junior Gardeners section will help with the perfect starter product to achieve it.