Live Plants

Looking for Live Plants or great gifts for a new home owner? Consider the house plant for a moment. A simple gardenia or philodendron is a healthy way to decorate a room. But the house plant sitting in the corner of your living room is also a member of a dynasty stretching back millennia: Kingdom Plantae, which includes more than a quarter of a million identified species of plants. What's important is choosing the right arrangement for you. And don't let the numbers scare you - of the more than 287,000 plant species, only about a hundred are house plants. So finding your favorites - and filling your home with a tropical garden - won't be hard.

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Have joy delivered in "green" fashion with plant gifts for any occasion. It goes without saying that plant life provides a welcome pop of freshness in any home or office. So, instead of sending cut flowers that only last days, order up house plants online next time an occasion needs lasting celebration. For birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings and more, let our selection of green, flowering and tropical plants make your gift the most memorable.

Our arrangements come in various species and styles to suit any home. Need a gift for an office colleague? No problem, a calming Pace Lily and various vibrant tropical plants will be a smash hit at your next company party. Or choose from any one of our diverse house plants featured online to commemorate a new home purchase, a birth, or express sympathy in times of need.

Send a gift that stands the test of time with house plants online at Windowbox. This collection of live greens, flowers, succulents and cacti is inspired by celebration. Whether offering congratulations to a college graduate or sending birthday wishes, any occasion is aptly commemorated with vibrant plants.

From brightly colored to calming bamboo, the best thing about this selection is that there's something for every gift recipient. And we think that choosing live arrangements is a brilliant alternative to cut flowers and bouquets. Not only do they capture a celebration in the moment, but they continue to grow and offer beauty long after a birthday, anniversary or recovery period has passed.

Offer congratulations, sympathy, recognition or just plain tell someone you love them. From a soothing Peace Lily to the seasonally festive Poinsettia, find a range of favorite species - each with their own potential for symbolism. Our variety falls within diverse price points so there is something to fit any budget. And low light species ensure your gift recipient can care for their present in most any environment.

Much more than just buying house plants online, this assortment of products is an opportunity for lasting joy. Gift givers can feel good about offering something that is sustainable, beautiful and good for their gift recipient's environment. After all, what room couldn't use a boost of color from tropical plants? Not to mention the improved air quality and general sense of well being that greenery generates.

So, go on and make live plants a part of your gift giving repertoire. A good-luck Money Tree, elegant gardenia and various other house plant favorites are right at your fingertips online. They're sure to be a hit the next time an occasion comes around and, what's more, continue to delight even long after the moment has passed!