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Easy Care Cactus and Succulent Gifts

As the survivalists of the desert, succulent plants and cactus plants are also naturally adept at living indoors. With little demand for watering, this assortment of cactus and succulent house plants are virtually indestructible. Consequently, they make a lively gift for nearly anyone like busy moms who are always on the go, a friend with an unadorned bachelor pad, or even college students. Succulent care is minimal, and they double as modern decorative accents for the living room, kitchen, or office space.

Succulent house plants are surging in popularity because of their vibrant colors, unique shape and interesting textures. In this category, find various arrangements of cactus plants and succulent plants in artful pots and containers to suit a range of different tastes. Send succulent gifts online to friends, family, coworkers, business associates, or keep them for yourself!

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Succulents & Cactus

Low-Maintenance Succulents as Gifts

Cool containers brimming with diverse cactus plants and succulents will bring the art of the desert to your tabletops. And although cactus and succulent plants definitely have that arid mystique about them, the secret to the success of succulent house plants is no mystery. These species require little to no maintenance and are capable of surviving in most any environment. Bring on the swinging bachelors, busy career moms and laundry-littered college apartments - these succulent and cactus arrangements are practically indestructible.

At WindowBox, we feature succulent house plants contained in a range of cool flower pots and other innovative planters. Choose from rustic arrangements of cactus plants like our succulent garden in a Natural Rattan Basket, or go with something a little more contemporary like jade succulent plants in a ceramic container (subject to seasonal availability). These living arrangements can appeal to both modern and classic tastes, while always maintaining a sense of uniqueness about them.

Succulents as Art

Succulent plants have silhouettes and colors that are simply not found anywhere else in nature. What may look like spiky leaves will actually end up to have smooth rounded edges, and when you see "flowering" silhouettes it can actually turn out to be fleshy leaves in a circular cascade that mimics the shape of a blooming perennial or annual. Unique plants make alluring succulent house plants that you can enjoy in your own home or give as a gift.

Although these desert-inspired arrangements are likely to last a long time, another great perk is the cool containers they live in. These will stick around whether or not your succulent and cactus arrangements do. Bamboo baskets, textured pottery, funky ceramic containers, woven baskets and even a hand-painted tin are all part of the collection, and all integrate well as contemporary interior accent pieces. Don't think of them as plants, succulents are nature's living works of art!

Buy Succulents Online for Hassle-Free Indoor Gardening

At WindowBox, our customers can order live succulent and cactus plants securely and conveniently online. All orders are packaged and ship with care to the address specified to ensure lovely succulent house plants arrive at your door. Or, send one directly to a friend, family member or work colleague. And speaking of work, succulent and cactus arrangements also make a great addition to an office desk or break room table. Not only is the ordering process easy and fast, succulents are the perfect type of plant to choose for hassle-free indoor gardening in a small amount of space. For more information, or to place custom logo gift or bulk orders for plant gifts, call toll-free: 888-427-3362