Medium Slanted Bias Terrarium Bowl

Medium Slanted Bias Terrarium Bowl

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Product Overview

This open Medium Slanted Bias Terrarium Bowl has a unique shape to create a very exceptional terrarium. The glass silhouette on the Medium Slanted Bias Terrarium Bowl has a large glass back wall to produce a terrarium with larger plants to the back, rounding out with shorter plants to the front, making an eye pleasing curved pyramid shaped display. With the large top opening, air will be able to circulate in the terrarium, reducing the chance of plant diseases, but be sure to check the water level often depending on how much light and heat the Medium Slanted Bias Terrarium Bowl is exposed to. This slanted glass bowl would also make a great decorative accessory to display keepsakes, cut flowers, or shells. The bowl measures 8" diameter x 9" height. The opening is 7" wide, and the pedestal is 2.5" in height. Choose from 11 moss color options at no additional cost!

Plants and or accessories are not included


Additional Information

Ships In 3-4 Business Days
Product Dimensions 8" dia. x 9" H
Size Groups Medium: 7"-11"
Mounting Type Free Standing
Plants Included? Yes

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