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In The City

In the city

Balcony and Indoor Gardening Against the Backdrop of a Bustling City…

Tapered Del Mar Window BoxThe versatile look of a wrought iron cage with 5 different liner options (including real copper) make the Tapered Iron Window Boxes the perfect addition to your balcony railing.

Tapered Del Mar Window BoxLove our window boxes but want to use them as part of a lovely balcony garden as opposed to under a window? Add railing brackets and hang any of our window boxes from a railing in a New York Minute. No matter what shape or size, there is a bracket for your needs.

In The Country

In the country

"If country life be healthful to the body, it is no less so to the mind." — Giovanni Ruffini

Lancaster Window BoxWouldn't be caught dead with a knock-off? These Estate Collection Window Boxes look like wood but have the chic longevity of 20+ years… maintenance-free and 14 styles to choose from, give your rural home the curb appeal which transcends the Hudson River.

Composite Window Box BracketsWant a more ornate look to your wall-mounted window box? Want the ability to take them on and off the wall? Use these brackets under your box for decoration or to add a functional option for simple installation and removal for replanting.

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XL Scroll Window Basket w/ Coco Liner

XL Scroll Window Basket w/ Coco Liner

Starting at: $68.97

The French Window Box Cage (Square Design)
Hartford Window Box (XL) w/ Cleat Mounting System