Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Mat - 12"

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For a dreamy patio or balcony, create your own artificial living wall with our Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Mats. These lush, green foliage tiles are inherently UV protected for exterior use year round. This commercial-grade protection helps prevent fading or chipping in the sun.

Simply calculate the square footage of the boxwood wall you wish to create, then buy boxwood tiles in the appropriate quantity. For example, to cover a 4' x 4' wall space you will need to purchase 16 boxwood mat tiles. You can modularly assemble the squares into basic shapes, or create a checkerboard motif.

Faux boxwood hedge material can also be used to cover unsightly walls or fences, or just bring a little extra color to the courtyard. All of our outdoor artificial plants can be used indoors as well. Be sure to check out other foliage types like flowering azaleas and ivy, and you can always call us for assistance ordering!