Outdoor Privacy Panels Installation and Finishing Guide

Our all-purpose outdoor garden screens are limited only by your imagination. Their modular design and the ease of installation makes them a top choice for homeowners and trade professionals alike. Cut them to any shape, add unique finishes, or leave unfinished for a rich, rustic patina. Read on to learn how you can easily finish, fasten, and frame your way to backyard beauty.

Easy Finish

All of our decorative panels are machined to bond quickly and easily to water-based paints and stains, allowing you to complete your project beautifully and in record time. Be sure to coat both sides with the finish to prevent uneven warping and aging.

They are easy to paint using a roller, brush, or spray gun (most efficient), along with a water-based paint that's intended for wood. Glidden Weathershield is recommended, but you may find other brands available locally.

IPE Deck Stains can also be used to enhance and enrich the natural color of the Australian hardwood. They help repel water, further protecting your investment.

All of our timber panels ship natural (unfinished) and are UV-protected with a clear coat. There is no need to add a finish or stain if you like a rustic look, as the wood will eventually patina over time. To preserve the gorgeous "natural" appearance of the wood, consider applying an additional coat of decking timber seal to the front face.

Perfectly painted privacy panels

Easy Fasten

Since the panels are relatively small they're manageable for nearly anyone to install. Just fasten using galvanized screws, nails or pop rivets. We offer two standard sizes: 48" x 24" and 48" x 72".

Step 1:
Measure, positioning hardware every 12", centered on the panel border (this prevents blistering on the surface).

Step 2:
Pre-drill pilot holes.

Step 3:
Drive fasteners through panel face to secure tightly to surface. For brick applications consult your local hardware store for lag shields that protect your masonry.

Decorative Panel Sizes

Panel Size      # of Fasteners      Weight
48" x 24"  
  ~10 lbs.
48" x 72"  
  ~32 lbs.

Easy Frame

Our modular decorative panels allow you to make your project as big or small as you like. Keep it simple by attaching them directly to walls and fences using galvanized hardware, or add to existing pergolas, gazebos, gates, benches, garage doors - be creative!

To create a stable, independent structure make a visit to your local hardware store for 2x4 pine lumber. When picking out beams choose the straightest ones possible for a squared-off frame.

Lay out lumber and attaching panels ahead of time for best construction quality and easier installation.

Leave a small space between each panel, allowing for expansion. Fasten each one to your frame, then mount or direct-bury your display using 4x4 posts that are 8-10 feet long. Be sure to check for any subterranean services (gas/water/electric) or previously installed features prior to digging.

Framing Decorative Panels is Easy