Plant Sconces, Ceramic Wall Planters and Flower Sconces

Ceramic Wall Sconces for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Create a beautiful "green" environment on your walls with wall scone planters and flower sconces. Featured here in lovely bisque fired ceramic, our plant sconces are handcrafted and complementary to most any home decor, outdoors or inside. Simply mount these plant wall sconces, fill them with soil, and add the flowers or greenery of your choice. Or "plant" the ceramic wall planters with convenient arrangements of artificial flowers.

Plant sconces can be a classic or contemporary interior accent - just choose the style and display accordingly. Go modern with the sleek Portola and some simple, springy grasses. Or, take things in a more traditional direction and use flower sconces filled with daisies, pansies or petunias.

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Ceramic Wall Planters

Take pleasure in living decor and ceramic wall planters for display indoors or outside the home. The plant sconces featured above are handcrafted ceramic pieces made from bisque fired clay. This process gives each of the wall sconces for flowers its alluring milky white finish and undeniable charm. Painting is also easy with most any latex or acrylic-based paint.

Flower Sconces

For flower lovers, plant sconces are a happy marriage of creative wall decor ideas and planting space. Interior foyers, living rooms, sunrooms and corridors can all benefit from spirited indoor ceramic wall planters that spring flowers and greens. And outside it's fun to plant wall sconces that line the exterior walls of a front porch, garden fence, deck or patio. Wall sconces for flowers are a great way to take any dead wall space and turn it into a vivacious design statement.

Plant Sconces

Plant sconces are a wonderful addition to any home and, consequently, also make great gifts. For the flower lover or DIY design enthusiast, ceramic wall sconces for flowers are an exciting alternative to the usual wall hangings. Also worth mentioning is the option to "plant" ceramic wall sconces with artificial flowers and plants for a low-maintenance display. also offers an assortment of indoor and outdoor faux plants and flowers that can be purchased separately.

Ceramic Process

The process by which these lovely plant sconces are created begins with white earthenware clay. Materials are worked and prepared for a slip-casting process that gives each piece its initial shape. After a period of partial drying the semi-hardened clay is put into a bisque fire kiln at the optimal temperature and fired to perfection. The result is each stunning ceramic plant sconce featured in this collection.

Multiple Styles to Choose From

With various styles and sizes to choose from each of the plant wall sconces can be seen to exude special character. Contemporary and classic design aesthetics alike will find a match here. Some plant sconces feature clean and simple edges and lines, while others have more ornate edging and molding details to suit a traditional eye. Please click on products above for more details about sconce dimensions, indoor/outdoor specifications and estimated shipping. All orders are packaged and ship with care to your address.