Palomas Plant Sconce

Palomas Plant Sconce

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Product Overview

The Palomas Plant sconce would make a great detail on top of a picture, or a window. This ceramic sconce measures 24.5" Length x 8.25"D x 6"H. This ceramic plant sconce has attractive details and is tapered at the bottom which adds to the appeal. If you are looking for a creative way to add texture and interest to a wall in your home or in the garden, the Palomas Plant Sconce is the answer. Our Palomas Plant Sconce is over 2 feet in length, and is made from white earthenware clay. Our earthenware clay when fired in a kiln, comes out a pristine bisque color, that is then glazed on the inside and outside of the sconce to help keep it clean and well maintained.

Additional Information

Ships In 1-2 Weeks
Product Dimensions 24.5"W x 8.25"D x 6"H

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