Ceramic Pots, Clay Pots & Pottery Planters

Add a lovely accent to your front porch, veranda or window ledge with these ceramic flower pots. When it comes to timeless gardening, clay pots for plants never go out of style. Here, clay flower pots are sold in sets of 2, 3 and 4 with an accompanying wire basket or wooden crate carrier.

Dress up a patio table or use clay pots for plants and herbs used in cooking. In a wood crate, ceramic flower pots look rustic and fresh - an appealing combination for indoor or outdoor decor. Each of our ceramic pots for plants are kiln fired at high temperatures to achieve a hardened and durable exterior. This means that clay pots for plants are not only pretty, but also resilient for lasting enjoyment.

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Give plants and flowers a charming home with clay flower pots, brought to you online at Windowbox. Clay pots for plants have been around as long as gardeners have. Consequently, this time honored dwelling for fresh herbs, grasses and flowers never goes out of style. Any garden or home will welcome their cheerful presence.

The above assortment of ceramic flower pots includes sets of 2, 3 or 4 accompanied by a wire basket or wooden crate with as many chambers. With a holder paired, pretty clay flower pots are fun to display in groups but can also be placed individually amidst other planters and pots. Fill with an assortment of agreeable succulents or try out your favorite springtime blooms.

Clay pots for plants, herbs and spices are also a favorite in the kitchen. Having a collection of clay flower pots in one housing makes it easy to plant cooking herbs in one place while keeping a neat display. The wooden crate design is ideal in the kitchen for grabbing herbs while whipping up your next culinary masterpiece. Not to mention, ceramic flower pots are a vibrant accent to interior decor. Nothing is as lovely as living greens!

Each of the ceramic flower pots featured above is derived from earthenware clay that is kiln fired at temperatures reaching up to 1,200 degrees. This perfected process ensures the proper hardening of the clay with low susceptibility to cracks. As a result of time-honored artisanal methods, clay flower pots have a rustic elegance and functional durability for indoor or outdoor use.

Clay pottery is a time tested - in fact, ancient - housing for herbs, small plants and flowers. It's no wonder these ceramic flower pots are such a popular choice. Additionally, clay flower pots are an affordable way to engage your green thumb and nurture curiosity about growing and gardening. Try out different herbs in each section and experiment to get it just right. When potting new types of plants it may be easier to begin on a small scale and get the hang of it before transferring to larger planters, pots and window boxes. With clay pots for plants, you're sure to get excited about growing!