Vertical Garden Kits and Living Wall Planters

Stimulate your senses and liven up your walls with a an indoor green wall kit from DIY projects are all the rage right now and do it yourself Vertical gardens are no exception! "Greenwalls" work great as living room wall art and a vertical garden kit can be a fun activity for the whole family.

Vertical gardening is perfect for small spaces and ideal for indoor applications. Group multiple frames together for a larger living arrangement and allow your creativity to flow freely.

Choose from a wide selection of frames, hanging wall planters and growing accessories to start you off right!

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DIY Green Walls

Create a striking living arrangement with a vertical garden frame. DIY Living Wall Systems make for exciting vertical gardening activities for kids and adults alike. Dress up sitting room walls, hallways and even outdoor patio fences with a framed green accent. Indoor vertical gardening is on the rise and one thing is for sure, eco-friendly will always be "in"!

Upgrade air quality and make a bold design statement at the same time! Choose from our selection of vertical plant frames, wall pocket planters and irrigation accessories to start.

DIY Design Ideas: Use multiple frames to create a modular garden of epic proportions - or not, it's up to you! Modular, or interchangeable, design allows you to be creative with the shape of your living art and express yourself through the majesty of gardening. This flexibility also allows you as the designer to keep your cost down or stay within a predetermined budget.

For best results we recommend implementing a drip or soaking system once or twice a week in conjunction with regional plant choice. Tillandsia or succulents are widely known for being drought-resistant, low-maintenance and will create a unique arrangement for display in waiting rooms, hotel lobbys and salons. Vertical herb gardens are perfect for the kitchen and