Drip Line Irrigation for Green Wall Systems

Drip Line Irrigation for Green Wall Systems


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Product Description

For large-scale living wall systems, our drip line irrigation kit makes plant care a breeze. Save time and resources by watering all of your living wall panels at once.

  • Supports up to 15 planter panels
  • Includes hose and fittings to accommodate various wall lengths
  • Drip line ensure even watering of all panels
  • T-junctures allow the addition of perpendicular hoses
  • Eliminates the need to water panels separately

Product Overview

You've seen them in posh residences, city centers, chic galleries, and in gardening magazines, green wall systems are all the rage for avid gardeners and style conscious homeowners alike. Now starting your very own indoor or outdoor living wall is easier than you may think. We offer everything you need to create your own unique vertical hanging garden on any wall, whether it is two feet wide or twenty feet wide. And if you are one of the adventurous types who want to embark on a large-scale living wall systems, then our drip line irrigation system is just the thing you need to make your gardening experience easier and more rewarding.

If you combine a number of living wall planter panels together to create one expansive green wall unit, it can be time consuming to water each of those panels individually. And how can you be sure each panel is getting the right amount of water? With this living wall drip irrigation line, you will never again have to worry about taking the time to water each panel separately. This convenient little tube employs the same concept of garden soaker hoses to deliver equal amounts of water to all of your panels, no matter how long. Simply lay the drip line across the top of your planters. At watering time, turn on the water and allow it to drip via the small holes into each panel.

This irrigation kit can support up to 15 living wall planter panels. The length can be adjusted for smaller systems. In this kit you will find everything you need to make maintaining your large living wall a breeze. For mess-free maintenance of indoor living wall systems, be sure to check out our convenient water collector trays. Additional kits may be necessary for very large living walls.

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