Vertical Planter for Walls - 14in. Square

Vertical Planter for Walls - 14in. Square


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Product Overview

Hang up botanical art with a DIY vertical planter (for outdoor use only). A green wall system welcomes all types of plants, from blooming perennials to succulents. Great for beginners learning how to grow a living wall or seasoned vertical gardeners.

Living Wall Features: Includes a metal frame and replaceable coconut fiber liner designed for front, side and top planting. Holds up to 18 plants: 9 front, 6 side, 3 top edging. Comes with J-hooks to promote healthy airflow and bottom corners are easy to separate from the wall with cork or bottle caps.

Get The Look: For a living wall that's the size pictured with the white bench, purchase (4) 14" Vertical Garden Planters and hang together. Space planters further apart to add a modern splash of greenery to any space.

Additional Information

Additional Info

Plants to Use:

Shade plants or succulents like pothos, dracaena, ferns, syngonium, spider plants, ivies, coleus, dragon-wing begonias, wax begonias, sweet potato vines, sedums, succulent. Buy plants that are already established in 3" or 4" pots for an instant effect.

Selecting the Best Potting Mix:

Do not use potting soil, use Potting Mix. Potting Mix has the ability to retain water well while properly draining. This promotes healthy root growth. For cactus and succulent plants be sure to use mix that's formulated specifically for desert plants.

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Product Dimensions 14"Sq. x 5"D

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