Mini Vertical Garden Planter - 6"

Mini Vertical Garden Planter - 6"

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Product Description

If you want to do something different in your garden this year, but aren't quite sure which direction to take, considering going UP. Our hanging wall planters offer an all new vantage point for your plants. They allow you to grow greenery or flowers vertically, without the use of soil. The secret is in the moss, as it offers the moisture retention and nutrition your plants need to thrive. Just water them as your normally would and the planter does the rest. Even better, there is no messy dirt and potting soil, and the walls can be combined to create privacy fencing or unique upward reaching displays.


Product Overview

Where to use Wall Mount Planter Walls

Our vertical planting options are not only fitting for outdoor use, but they also make a stylish indoor options as well. They can be easily mounted to any wall or sturdy flat surface, and then arranged with dried flowers to get an antiqued effect. Or, use our realistic artificial flowers to create a life-like indoor garden that doesn't require any maintenance. You can easily swap out flowers to change with the seasons or as you switch up your décor tastes and techniques. When used outdoors, a single panel offers an original focal point within your current garden or yard, but they can also be combined to form sitting areas, to line porches or existing fencing, or to place throughout your outdoor space for a dramatic effect.

Make them Your Own

We offer our vertical planting walls in a variety of sizes and shape - there's something for everyone. Choose from our vast assortment, or ask about custom options that will help you create an arrangement that is uniquely you. Give us a call or email and our gardening experts will walk you through the ordering process.

Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 6" x 6"

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