Small Living Wall Planter - 8.5"W x 18"H

Small Living Wall Planter - 8.5"W x 18"H


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Product Description

Create an eye-catching vertical garden on any wall with our small living wall planters. Each panel provides the means to create a thriving garden in even the smallest of spaces.

  • Measures 8.5" high x 18" wide x 4" deep
  • 10 planting cells holds soil and roots at a 45-degree angle
  • UV-resistant polyethylene material won’t degrade in sunlight
  • Includes moisture mat backing for even water distribution
  • Can be combined with other planters for a larger display
  • Wall mount bracket included

Product Overview

Trade in that generic framed artwork and outdated wall hangings for a fresh new take on vertical home décor with our small living wall planters. A craze that's taking the design world by storm, living wall planters are a way to create lush, colorful gardens right on your living room, hallway, or kitchen wall. A lovely DIY project for yourself or a friend, this handy kit allows anyone to create small living walls anywhere in the home or office, bringing spirit-lifting plant life and a unique sense of style to any space.

Measuring only a foot and a half wide, the small living wall planter is suitable for even the most modest of spaces. Since it can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, you can dress up any wall in your home or business. These planters make a lovely accent piece- and a great conversation piece!- in reception areas, offices, restaurants, and boutiques, not to mention residential entryways, kitchens, bathrooms, and halls. Our small planters are also ideal for creating miniature gardens on apartment balconies or patios. Each panel can also be combined with others to create a large green wall system. For this application, we suggest adding our drip irrigation kit.

Each living wall planter has cells to accommodate 10 plants with their soil and root systems. The cells are situated at a 45-degree angle for optimal soil retention and plant growth. This small planter also includes a special moisture mat behind the cells, which evenly distributes water from side to side and top to bottom for healthy, happy greenery. The small living wall planter is made from a highly durable polyethylene material, which has UV-resistance to keep your planter looking good as new in even the brightest sunlight. We include a wall mounting bracket for easy installation.

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