Vertical Garden Wall Kit with Old Crate Frame

Vertical Garden Wall Kit with Old Crate Frame


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Product Description

A fresh twist on traditional wall hangings tucked inside an elegant wooden crate frame, this DIY vertical garden kit provides everything you need to grow your own herbs, succulents, and other greenery indoors.

  • Total measurements: 16" wide x 24" high x 5" deep
  • Planter panel made from durable polymer
  • Old crate frame compliments many types of decor
  • 10 individual plant cells to create your own garden design
  • Handy three-part irrigation system
  • Includes wall-mounting bracket

Product Overview

From nautical to farmhouse, industrial to bohemian, this vertical garden wall kit is the perfect match for any type of interior décor. Vertical gardens are a beautiful way to dress up those blank walls in your home or business, and outlined in a lovely old crate frame this piece of functional art is sure to draw admiring eyes. The traditional appeal of natural wood makes this wall planter at home in any space, bringing fresh natural elegance to your surroundings. Start your own indoor w all herb garden, succulent patch, or floral display with this attractive DIY kit.

A lovely accent piece all on its own, our wooden crate frame is only enhanced when you fill it with brightly colored blooms and foliage. This frame features rustic plank panels in a warm brown, fastened with slim battens to give it the appearance of an old crate. Metal studs complete the look. With such natural appeal, this frame is the perfect way to surround your favorite fresh greenery. The durable polymer planter panel holds 10 plants of your choice in individual 45-degree angled cells. Grow usable herbs and other edibles like lettuce and leafy greens, colorful succulents and tropical plants, ferns, ivies, or whatever your heart desires. With our patented irrigation system, your plants are sure to thrive.

Discreetly tucked away behind the chalkboard frame, a three-part watering system keeps plants moist while keeping moisture off of your walls and floor. Atop the planter panel a watering tank holds water, allowing it to drip down to plants slowly. The rear moisture mat evenly distributes water to every plant. Whatever excess is not wicked up collects in the lower tray. Hung using the handy wall-mounting bracket, this kit offers low maintenance and mess free plant care that adds decorative joy to your interior space.

Additional Information

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Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 16"W x 5"D x 24"H

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