Vertical Garden Wall Kit with Reclaimed Ghostwood Frame

Vertical Garden Wall Kit with Reclaimed Ghostwood Frame


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Product Description

The combination of natural wood and vibrant living greenery make this vertical garden wall kit a must-have for rustic decorative schemes. Create a living work of art with this all-in-one kit.

  • Total measurements: 16" wide x 24" high x 5" deep
  • Durable polymer planter panel holds 10 plants
  • Irrigation system includes top holding tank, moisture mat, and lower water collector
  • Rustic frame made from recycled ghostwood
  • Includes wall-mounting bracket

Product Overview

Enhance your rustic décor with the addition of live, fresh greenery using this all-in-one vertical garden with wood frame kit. Made from beautifully natural reclaimed ghostwood, the vertical frame serves as a perfect background for a hanging garden busting with glossy succulents, fragrant herbs, colorful blossoms, or whatever greenery you love most. Adding a decorative living wall to your interior scenery is a great way to dress up those uninspired spaces, and it also makes a fun DIY project for seasoned gardeners and creative beginners alike. From frame to irrigation system, this vertical garden wall kit has everything you need to get started.

Our wood framed green wall kit includes a planter panel, irrigation system, and wall-mount bracket for easy installation. The durable polymer planter panel consists of 10 for creating you ideal vertical garden design using your favorite plants. With the included three-part irrigation your growing plants are sure to get all the water they need and not a drop more for optimal success. That's because water slowly trickles down from the top holding tank and is dispersed evenly via the rear moisture mat. Any excess water collects in the lower tray, keeping unsightly water stains and puddles off of your walls and carpet.

The ideal decorative accent piece for rustic, country, industrial, or traditional décor, this lovely recycled ghostwood frame beautifully accents the living foliage within, like the perfect woodland painting, only one that's constantly growing and changing! Enjoy fresh herbs for cooking right at your fingertips by mounting this vertical garden on your kitchen wall. Or display this hanging garden in an entryway or reception room to greet guests with colorful blooming greenery. Whether its an office, restaurant, living room, or boutique, this rustic living wall kit is a unique way to add new life to your space.

Additional Information

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Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 16"W x 5"D x 24"H

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