Medium Vertical Garden Planter - 14"

Medium Vertical Garden Planter - 14"

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Product Description

Create a garden like none you've seen before, with our outdoor wall planters. They combine the ease use of sporghum moss with the visual appeal of a vertical garden. You'll find that they make gardening not only easier, but also more fun. Place them together to create a unique display, or even make a living wall or privacy fence to add a cozy spot to your open outdoor areas. They'll work well with a range of flower and greenery options - even some herbs and edibles can be planted using these original planter options.


Product Overview

Add a Plant Wall Garden to Any Space

Customers love our vertical gardening walls because they're not something you see everyday, but also because they're highly versatile. They can not only be used with numerous types of plant life, but they're also suited for a range of locations. While they're durable enough to withstand outdoor conditions without wearing down over time, they also make an eye-catching statement when used indoors. Just mount them to your wall as a bold hanging, and add dried flowers to the planting areas. Or, you can even add artificial flowers for a brighter look that doesn't require watering or maintenance like a real garden would.

Make Your Garden Unique

There are numerous ways to have a successful garden, and our vertical gardening walls are one of the most unique. They're ideally suited for a wide range of plants, while also allowing for a number of arrangements. Combine numerous walls of the same height to create a full fledged fence, or arrange varied sizes and shapes for a personalized display. There are unlimited options in what you can do with them. Ask about specialized sizes and shapes by giving us a call, or send over a quick email to discuss your upcoming gardening projects.

Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 14" x 14"

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