Pre-Populated Living Wall Art

Add a dose of "green" charm to home decor using vertical wall planters. Featured here in pre-populated designs, wall pocket planters are all unique and hand-arranged. Display as an indoor green wall to accent office space or spruce up the bare facade along a back patio. Whatever the project, vertical wall planters have a refreshing presence.
Instead of the usual art for a living room, bedroom or foyer, delight in wall pocket planters with vibrant greenery, succulents and flowers. For best care, set up an indoor green wall on built-in reservoirs or with a drip kit. For exterior wall pocket planters, just use a garden hose or other preferred watering tool.

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Enjoy wall pocket planters that are pre-populated for your pleasure. No muss, no fuss - just fresh and original art for the living room, dining room or an office space.

This assortment of vertical wall planters online at features unique designs that are all hand-arranged. Succulents, flowers and various greenery all abound to create outdoor and indoor green wall options to suite a range of environments. Whether it's the interior of an office, or outside in an arid climate, find wall pocket planters here to suit your next design project.

Each pre-arranged outdoor / indoor green wall is unique, but all are created with the plant needs in mind. Displays begin with a tile or mat that has individual chambers to contain roots. Depending on the plant types, different growing mediums are used to optimize vitality and minimize upkeep. Wall pocket planters come ready to hang and chambers are also easy to switch in and out over time for vertical gardeners who like the option to make changes.

For an indoor green wall, like art for living room display, pay attention to the needs of plants within the arrangement. If you have a variety that needs partial sunlight exposure, be sure to hang on a partition within reach of a nearby window. Moisture levels are also just as important in wall pocket planters as they are for regular potted house plants. The good news is, our designs feature growing materials that help to hold moisture in while maintaining a porous nature that discourages over-watering. This makes for healthy roots and flourishing vertical garden panels.

Order pre-populated vertical wall planters online at for delivery right to your home or office. For an indoor green wall, we recommend a built-in watering reservoir or drip kit irrigation. And for outdoor wall pocket planters, it's easy to use a regular garden hose, sprayer or irrigation kit to keep moisture levels consistent. Please click on individual products above for more details.