16in. Naples Bowl Planter - 2 Colors

16in. Naples Bowl Planter - 2 Colors


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Product Overview

Establish your patio and garden as an oasis of color and living plants with our large Naples Bowl Planters. Outdoors or in, the Naples Bowl Planters heighten your decor, and the integrated reservoir system will heighten your plants! The plants naturally just wick the water up as needed, allowing the plants to thrive and bloom. Created using stone and a special mixture of resins and UV inhibitors, these large round planter bowls not only look great, but are practical too. The Naples are offered in two handsome finishes - Black or Teak - each with a rustic, weather finish that is unique to each container. The Naples Bowl Planters work well when used:

  • As tabletop planters
  • Placed atop columns
  • Along walls or fences
  • Indoor/Outdoor - they're universal

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Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions Top: 15.75" Dia. x 10"H Bottom: 8.75" Dia.

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