11in. Dumond Tall Flower Pot - 2 Colors

11in. Dumond Tall Flower Pot - 2 Colors

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Product Description

Tall garden containers like the Dumond hit a sweet spot with us. Great for use as sidewalk café barriers, dividers or balcony privacy screening, these 19" tall planters add height and dimension without taking up much space. Container features:

  • Fade-resistant, UV protection
  • Water-minder insert
  • Drainage holes and plugs for indoor use

Each decorative flower pot is made from composite resin and stone, for the look and feel of stone planters, without worry of cracking, chipping or weight issues on balconies and decks. Get the Dumond planters in a range of sizes and colors for home and office use. Call toll-free with questions: 888-427-3362 or click to chat!

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Product Overview

The Ultimate Decorative Flower Pot

If you are looking for one stunning accent to pull together the finished look of your outdoor décor, let it be this large decorative flower pot. Abound with breathtaking vertical appeal, this planter is sure to be the first thing people notice when they lay eyes upon your porch, patio, or garden décor. In fact, when it's filled with colorful flowers and greenery, this might be the only decorative element you need to create a look of sheer upscale elegance in your outdoor space. Flank a doorway or place one in a corner to create instant curb appeal. Available in your choice of Teak or Black, these tall garden containers from the Dumond collection have the classic look of real stone and an extra wide rim that gives them a sense of weight.

Resin-Strong Tall Garden Containers

The true beauty of the Dumond tall planter- aside from its obvious good looks- is the high-quality resin and stone composite construction. With this planter pot you get the handcrafted look of a cast stone antique but won't have to worry about the fragility. Because of their resin composition these planters are wonderfully sturdy. They are resistant to cracking, chipping, warping and rotting, even with constant outdoor exposure. They also have molded-in UV-inhibitors to resist fading and discoloration. And unlike real stone planters, the Dumond pot is very lightweight. Easily move this planter to change your exterior design or to bring it in for overwintering.

Built-In Self-Watering System

Another benefit of our Dumond planters is that they are fitted with a self-watering insert disc. This smart feature allows plants to drink from a lower water reservoir via their roots. Go days between watering without worrying about your plants drying. You can remove the rubber stopper for outdoor drainage or leave it firmly in place if you are displaying your Dumond planters indoors.

Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 11"Dia. x 19"H
(Tapers to 7.5" Dia at bottom)

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