14in. Dumond Tall Flower Pot - 2 Colors

14in. Dumond Tall Flower Pot - 2 Colors

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Product Description

Get large - yet lightweight - outdoor planters and urns with the magic of stone composite. This technologically advanced planter material is extra rugged, and weighs a fraction of concrete and stone planters. Container features:

  • Fade-resistant, UV protection
  • Water-minder insert
  • Drainage holes and plugs for indoor use

Place the Dumond tall garden flower pots near pathways, on either side of the front door, or in balcony corners. These versatile containers are also great as bedroom and living room decorations, and for use in offices. Shop planters online or call to discuss additional options for your home: 888-427-3362

Product Overview

An Accent Piece with Rustic Elegance

If you are looking for eye-catching outdoor planters and urns online, look no further than our Dumond collection. In either a chocolatey brown Teak or a charcoal Black hue, these tall garden flower pots are sure to bring an element of unique rustic elegance to your porch or patio. Stunning in both silhouette and in finish, these large planters function beautifully as a sole decorative element for your outdoor space. Fill them with vertical, filler, and cascading plants to create a focal point that is a true work of art. With over two feet of depth and a generous surface area, this planter can happily house any variety of garden arrangements. And with the water-minder self-watering feature, you can be sure that you plants will be healthy and lush.

Self-Watering Outdoor Planters and Urns

A simple but highly effective little bit of innovation, the water-minder disc allows plants to drink up water from their roots as nature intended. Not only is this a healthier watering method for plants, creating a stronger root system, but it also gives you the freedom of less frequent waterings. These planters are great for indoor applications, especially with homeowners who travel often. Rest assured that your plants will have a constant water source, even if you are away for days. If you are using your Dumond planter outdoors in a non-sheltered space, you can remove the lower plug to allow for drainage of excess rainwater. With this smart container, growing healthy plants is virtually foolproof!

Weatherproof Garden Flower Pots

Tall garden planters make a sophisticated addition to decks, patios, and balconies. And since these garden pots are made from a resin and stone composite material they are perfectly safe for any outdoor applications. Resilient ArtStone material is resistant to damage caused by freezing weather, excess rain, or direct sunlight. These shatterproof planters have built-in UV resistance to keep your finish looking beautiful all year long.

Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 14"Dia x 27.5"H
(Tapers to 9.5" Dia at bottom)

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