14in. Lumin Round Flower Pot - 3 Colors

14in. Lumin Round Flower Pot - 3 Colors

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Product Description

These lightweight garden planters are made from a resin and stone composite for added durability. Unlike the stone flower pots you're used to that crack and chip over time, these planters feature:

  • Fade-resistant, UV protection
  • Water-minder insert
  • Drainage holes and plugs for indoor use

Use the Lumin Round Flower Pots around your home and garden for attractive outdoor decorations, year-round. Also available is the Lumin Tall Flower Pots - same diameter but extra tall for flanking doors and lining decks and balconies.

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Product Overview

Decorative Lightweight Garden Planters

Faux stone flower pots give a look of upscale elegance to your home's façade. By placing a pair of these handsome Lumin flower planters on either side of your front door you create a welcoming look that speaks volumes about the stylish homeowner who dwells within. And if your entryway space is already occupied, these versatile self-watering planters make just as big an impact along facades, beside driveways and pathways, in flowerbeds, or on patios and porches. Since they are made from a composite material these lightweight garden planters are easy to move to any location you please, even though they are large in size.

Faux Stone Flower Pots

These round planters have a timeless charm that allows them to blend seamlessly with any type of décor. Rustic and contemporary settings alike welcome this attractive plant pot. It has a sleek tapered round silhouette that is elongated for extra eye-catching appeal. The extra wide brim adds an extra touch of unique beauty. And the finishing touch on these planters is the marbled stone surface treatment. With the look of handcrafted stone, these planters are actually made from a mix of resin and stone that makes them more lightweight and durable than their cement counterparts. They are safe for all outdoor applications because they are weatherproof and UV-resistant.

Innovative Self-Watering Technology

With the Lumin planter a chic stone look isn't the only luxury you get. You also get the carefree easy of smart self-watering technology. Whether on small apartment balconies or on expansive lawns, you can count on your plants to stay healthy in these handy plant pots. Each Lumin planter has a built in Water-Minder disc that create a water reservoir that plants can drink from at will. Never again worry about over- or under-watering. A convenient drainage plug allows excess water to seep out and can be replaced for indoor applications.

Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 14"Dia. x 13.5" H
(Tapers to 9"Dia at bottom)

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