14in. Naples Tall Flower Pot - Terra Cotta

14in. Naples Tall Flower Pot - Terra Cotta

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Product Description

The Naples stone composite planters are a winning combination of resin and actual stone, forming a stronger planter that is lighter weight than real clay pottery. Easy-to-use, these tall flower pots feature:

  • Fade-resistant, UV protection
  • Water-minder insert
  • Drainage holes and plugs for indoor use

Place the Naples Terra Cotta Planter in the garden or near the front door to greet guests with nature's beauty, adding curb appeal to your porch. Tall flower pots like the Naples are ideal for people living in urban areas or working with a small patio space. Order planters online or call toll-free for additional information: 888-427-3362

Product Overview

Why Choose Stone Composite Planters?

These sky-high stone composite planters have such a genuine look of real weathered stone that you will never believe that they aren't an antique hand cast piece picked up from the antique store. But these Naples tall flower pots showcase some unique decorative qualities that simply aren't possible with stone alone. Thanks to the resin composition of this part-stone planter, you get a sleek and streamlined silhouette with a very slim sidewall and extra height that leads the eye upward dramatically. Because of their composite construction these outdoor planter pots are also incredibly durable. Unlike stone they can last for years outdoors without rotting, fading, cracking, or chipping.

Planting in Tall Flower Pots

Modern tall flower pots are perfect for creating an eye-catching sense of vertical appeal on your front porch, entryway, or driveway. Over two feet tall, these slim planters pick your beautifully potted floral displays up off the ground and put them right in the public eye. Since they have such a simple, minimalist design these contemporary planters are able to draw attention while still allowing the plants to be the star of the show. To emphasize the upward appeal of the planter, tall "thriller" plants make a perfect pairing. Choose vertical flowers, spiky palms and succulents, ornamental grasses, or manicured shrubs. Since this large planter has plenty of interior space, you can also combine filler and cascading plants for a unique display.

Self-Watering for Healthy Roots

With extra depth to support thriving root systems, this weatherproof planter also has smart self-watering technology built right in. This water-minder disc creates a water reservoir at the bottom of the planter. Roots can drink up as needed, ensuring that they always stay hydrated. This means you can go longer between waterings. A convenient drainage plug at the base can be easily removed for outdoor applications.

Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 14"Dia. x 27.5"H
(Tapers to 10"Dia at bottom)

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