11in. Naples Tall Flower Pot - 2 Colors

11in. Naples Tall Flower Pot - 2 Colors

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Product Description

When it comes to durable, lightweight outdoor garden planters, the Naples delivers beyond expectation. Standing at 19" tall, the Durante coordinates with nearly any décor motif and features:

  • Fade-resistant, UV protection
  • Water-minder insert
  • Drainage holes and plugs for indoor use

Use these large flower pots for decorating outdoors and inside, free of concerns over water and/or weather damage. Group multiple Durante planters (many sizes available) in empty corners of your deck, patio, and entryway for a cohesive design throughout your home.

Product Overview

Large Flower Pots for Gardening

Want beautifully blooming flowers and vibrant greenery to adorn your porch, patio, or sunroom all year long but aren't crazy about the maintenance chores? If you're a beginning gardener and aren't sure where to start, then our Naples tall outdoor garden planters can help you along your way. The next best thing to simply potting some artificial plants, these self-watering planters allow you to grow all your favorite live specimens with little gardening expertise and little work. The extra depth of these large flower pots allows roots to grow strong and healthy. Meanwhile, the built-in self-watering system helps to take the guesswork out of plant watering. You can enjoy anything from basil to begonias right on your porch or balcony for year-long decorative splendor.

Sub-Irrigation for Healthier Plants

The water-minder feature firmly attached to the bottom of each tall Naples planter is at the same time stunningly simple yet quite innovative. This slim disc effectively creates a water reservoir in the bottom of the planter while keeping your soil and root systems safely out of the water to prevent root rot and other over-moisture damage. Water only every few days and allow the excess to collect in the reservoir. Plants will drink up the water as needed through their roots. This sub-irrigation system allows for healthier plants that never go thirsty. Keep the plug firmly in place for indoor use. If used outdoors you can remove the plug to prevent excess rainwater from collection in the reservoir. Place it in top of the planter for safekeeping.

Weather-resistant Outdoor Garden Planters

Our Naples garden planters offer a classic weathered stone look in either Gray or Terra Cotta. They offer upscale elegance with a slim, tapered silhouette. Thanks to the stone and resin composite construction, these planters can be used in any indoor or outdoor application. They are inherently resistant to weather damage and fading.

Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 11"Dia. x 19"H
(Tapers to 7.5" Dia at bottom)

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