Railing Planter Boxes

Turn regular railings into botanical bliss with balcony planters and rail boxes. While creating more gardening space, planter boxes can also aid in privacy and add curb appeal. Have an upper level terrace in plain view of the neighbors? Railing planters brimming with "green" beauty can also screen outdoor spaces.

The railing planters boxes online at Windowbox combine all types of styles and materials. And rail boxes can be installed in a variety of ways to satisfy any display preference. Use hanging rail planters to take advantage of small space gardening in a high-rise urban loft. Or, enjoy the traditional look of flowering annuals along a wrap around front porch.

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Set Descending Direction

25-48 of 70

Set Descending Direction

25-48 of 70

This season, expand your garden to porch and balcony railings with stylish planter boxes. Railing planters make use of an underutilized space and they do so in a beautiful way. Homeowners won't believe the curb appeal pick-me-up that results from even one bright botanical arrangement on a small front stoop.

Sounds Good To Me - Where Do I Begin?

Not surprisingly, successful rail boxes begin with a sturdy railing. You want to make sure your mounting surface is able to support not only the full weight of the planter boxes but the arrangements they will house. Take this into account when making weight-bearing calculations.

Already have the right porch, deck or balcony railing? Railing planters to match are right here online. At Windowbox, our goal is to provide customers with a range of styles and sizes to choose from. Looking to highlight the quintessential American front porch? Cedar wood planter boxes are right in line with garden tradition. Or, use contemporary balcony planters to bring a little bit of the outdoors to an upper-level condominium.

Make your Move and Mount

Once decided on a style, hardware for planter boxes is the next step to a successful display. Depending on the planter configuration, additional brackets, screws and bolts may be necessary. As for rail boxes and balcony planters with a half-barrel design, these clever containers sit securely atop a mounting surface by using their own weight distribution. Whatever the style, be sure to check out mounting specs in each product description. Our customer service team is happy to assist with any questions - just call toll free.

A Planter For All Seasons

Balcony planters and rail boxes are an opportunity to show off your home and green thumb year round. In spring and summer, arrange all your favorite flowering annuals and perennials for exquisitely colorful displays. And in climates where it gets cold, railing planters are easy to take down and store for the off-season. With proper care these balcony railing planters are sure to yield years of outdoor enjoyment.