UV Rated English Ivy Hedge in Black Window Box

UV Rated English Ivy Hedge in Black Window Box


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Product Description

Used as outdoor décor or as a balcony privacy screen, our UV Rated English Ivy Hedge in Black Window Box offers a unique solution to home and business privacy in style. These outdoor artificial hedges are handmade from commercial-quality fake English ivy that is inherently UV protected. These UV blockers make it possible for daily exterior use, even in sunny locations, outlasting any craft store artificial plants you may have squandered money on in the past. Secured to a heavy duty iron frame, the ivy hedge will hold its crisp rectangular shape indefinitely.

The Lancaster fiberglass planter box is painted black and features a detailed trim, adding to the elegance of your display. Fiberglass one of the most lightweight planter materials, so it's easy for most anyone to install or relocate using the included wall brackets or optional railing brackets. Also rugged, fiberglass has proven it can attractively survive outdoor elements longer than other substrates on the market. Call to request an estimate for custom window boxes, hedges, or for assistance choosing the right railing bracket size for you.


  • Includes Lancaster window box, stainless steel wall brackets, and artificial ivy hedge
  • Installation ideas: windows, bare walls/fences, deck and balcony railings
  • Increase curb appeal and add backyard and patio privacy in an instant!

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30in. UV Rated English Ivy Hedge in Black Window Box
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36in. UV Rated English Ivy Hedge in Black Window Box
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48in. UV Rated English Ivy Hedge in Black Window Box
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Product Overview

Maintenance-Free Fake Ivy Plants in Black Planters

Real and fake ivy plants have been used for as long as we can remember to add privacy to the home. Real ivy is a huge hassle to care for, requiring routine trimming, watering, and other maintenance. Our artificial outdoor hedges are made from industrial quality synthetics that are inherently UV protected from fading and other degradation. Their lifelike leaves give the English ivy hedge a vibrant hue that is the perfect a touch of greenery for your home's façade, front porch, or patio. You can also use them as a balcony privacy screen, just add brackets to fit your rail size.

Using Plants for Privacy Solutions

Privacy plants are an elegant, attractive way to add privacy. Hedges and shrubs have been used for centuries to delineate and screen large outdoor spaces. Outdoor artificial hedges are ideal for both large and small space garden design. We can make them to any shape or size you desire, and can be matched with any window box style. The Lancaster black flower box that is included is made from fiberglass, a lightweight and durable material, but is also available in a no-rot, 5/8" thick PVC composite. Faux topiary forms, lettering, and artificial living walls can be made out of virtually any plant type, just ask!

Use hedges in planter boxes to add privacy to:

  • Windows
  • The front porch
  • Front and backyard property lines
  • Patios and roof decks
  • Decks, terraces and balconies
  • Indoor or outdoor dining spaces
  • Weddings and special events

Buy online, or call to discuss the details of your project: 888-427-3362

Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Weeks
Product Dimensions

Fiberglass Window Boxes & Outdoor Artificial Hedges

30" Size:
Planter: 30"L x 8"W x 12"H
With Trim: 30"L x 8 7/8"W x 8"H
Hedge: 30"L x 8"W x 9"H

36" Size:
Planter: 36"L x 8"W x 12"H
With Trim: 36"L x 8 7/8"W x 8"H
Hedge: 36"L x 8"W x 9"H

48" Size:
Planter: 48"L x 8"W x 12"H
With Trim: 48"L x 8 7/8"W x 8"H
Hedge: 36"L x 8"W x 9"H

Total Display Height (all sizes): 20"

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