Pesta Cast Stone Low Bowl Planter

Pesta Cast Stone Low Bowl Planter


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Product Overview

The Pesta Cast Stone Low Bowl Planters are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, and offer you a rare opportunity to inject a bit of texture and style into the garden or commercial space all year long. Unlike many round outdoor planters, these contemporary designs amp up their visual impact with a natural, stone-like finish and flexibility in terms of size, materials and color.

Premium Low Bowl Planters

Plants and planters should work together to create some appealing effects, and these round outdoor planters can help you to achieve such results. They have many advantages, including:

  • They can be created in sizes ranging from 18" to 48" in diameter
  • They come in a wide array of earthy and modern colors
  • They have that wonderful, natural feel that makes them look wonderful when partnered with plantings or without
  • They are light in weight and yet incredibly durable, withstanding seasonal extremes
  • They work in many settings and can even be used as the base water or fire features

Bring the beauty of bowl planters to your setting with this premium line. Shop online or give us a call to discuss additional options.

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Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Weeks
Product Dimensions

18"Dia. x 5.5"H
24"Dia. x 6.5"H
30"Dia. x 8.5"H
36"Dia. x 10.5"H
42"Dia. x 12"H
48"Dia. x 13.5"H

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