Laos Self-Watering Low Bowl Planter - Large (3 colors)

Laos Self-Watering Low Bowl Planter - Large (3 colors)

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Product Description

Offered three colors, the Laos self-watering planters work indoors and out, and make gardening a snap! Fill outdoor bowl planters with gorgeous blooms, geometric succulents or create a miniature fairy garden filled with trinkets and garden pets. The wicking sub-irrigation system allows plants to drink up as they need to, without over watering (.7 gallon reservoir). Container details:

  • Choose from Stone Grey, Sandy Beige or Graphite Black
  • UV protected and shatterproof
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Integrated irrigation system minds plants when you're away.

The modern design of these round planter bowls is a clever way to uniquely accent patio tables, bedrooms and living rooms alike. Start an herb garden indoors or spruce up your office in minutes!

Product Overview

Low-Maintenance Low Planter Bowls

If you like to surround your living space with live plants but are away from home too often for regular maintenance then we have the perfect solution for you. These large round planter bowls have a self-watering system built right in that takes care of the gardening chores while you are away. In fact, with a .7-gallon reservoir these large indoor and outdoor bowl planters can water your plants for up to 12 weeks. Now you can enjoy fresh herbs for cooking right on your kitchen countertop, an eye-catching succulent garden on your living room table, or a flourishing tropical palm in your entryway.

Sturdy Indoor or Outdoor Bowl Planters

These round planter bowls not only meet the gardening tasks head on, they also look fantastic while doing it. With a classic low bowl design this sleek planter works with any type of décor. It has a tapered silhouette and minimal footprint perfect for small spaces. The wide rim makes planting and maintenance a breeze. For an extra touch of panache we've added a grainy finish that gives these planters the traditional look of cast stone. However, they are really made from a high-quality plastic that is both lightweight and incredibly durable. They will resist rotting, cracking and chipping even in outdoor applications. And they are UV-resistant so you won't have to worry about fading or discoloring when you choose one of the three lovely color options.

About the Self-Watering System

Each low bowl planter includes a handsome outer shell, inner plant liner, and self-watering sub-irrigation system. This self-watering system includes a convenient water level indicator, watering tube, overflow and drain plug, and special PON substrate. All you need to do is fill the reservoir every once in a while then allow the plants to wick up water from their roots. This creates more healthy, lush plants than the old-fashioned overhead watering methods.

Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 15.75"Dia. x 7"H

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