Laos Self-Watering Low Bowl Planter - Small (3 colors)

Laos Self-Watering Low Bowl Planter - Small (3 colors)

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Product Description

With its gently tapered sides and smooth finish, it's no wonder the Laos Low Bowl Planters are a designer and homeowner favorite. The sub-irrigation system holds 0.4 gallons of water and includes overflow protection and a drainage hole plug for use indoors. With a 3" planting depth, this small low bowl planter finds itself at home atop patio tables, decorative columns and near entrances. Container details:

  • Choose from Stone Grey, Sandy Beige or Graphite Black
  • UV protected and shatterproof
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Wick irrigation system minds plants when you're away.

With its small footprint and ultra-lightweight facets, the Laos planter also works great on deck, balcony and rooftop locations. Create a succulent garden bowl or a mini fairy garden that waters itself in just minutes. Also available in 15.75" size.

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Product Overview

Small Self-Watering Garden Planters

Are you the type of person who loves the look of live plants in your home but can't always find the time to care for them? Don't let those potted beauties languish on the countertop! House them a planter that will keep them watered and healthy for weeks. Give them the Laos small low bowl planter. With a self-watering sub-irrigation system built right in these handy garden planters allow plants to wick up store water from below for weeks on end. So whether you are away from home too often to care for houseplants or simply are the forgetful type, the Laos self-watering bowl comes to your plants' rescue, and it does it in style.

Attractive Low Bowl Design

The Laos garden planter features an attractive bowl-shaped design that affords both an eye-catching silhouette and plenty of interior space for your plants to grow. The wide rim also makes planting and maintenance easy. This bowl-shaped planter tapers down to a petite footprint that makes it fantastic for mini gardening in even the smallest of spaces. Great for apartments and offices, the Laos planter takes up a minimal amount of space on your deck, kitchen counter, entryway or hallway table. It is made from ultra-light high-quality plastic so you can easily transport it as needed. These planters are also UV-resistant and shatterproof, so they are safe for outdoor applications.

Plant Care while You're Away

These round planters have 3" of planting depth and include a .4-gallon water reservoir. They are perfect for growing your favorite herbs right on the kitchen counter or windowsill. Fresh greens at your fingertips! And while you are away from home the Laos planter does the gardening work for you. Simply fill the reservoir via the convenient watering tube when the water level indicator shows that you are low. Plants will wick up water from their roots for days, ensuring that they are healthy and happy when you get back home.

Additional Information

Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 11.75"Dia. x 5"H

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