Saia Self-Watering Orchid Planter

Saia Self-Watering Orchid Planter

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Product Description

Orchid care can be challenging - growing orchids indoors requires adequate sunlight and just the right amount of irrigating. For a successful indoor orchid garden, consider adding our Saia Self-Watering Orchid Planters to your home, office or business. The planters are clean and modern, setting the stage for your gorgeous flowers to shine.

  • 8" size fits on desktops, tables, shelves and wide windowsills
  • Ideal for small plant varieties
  • Shatterproof planter; UV resistant

Product Overview

When it comes to low-maintenance orchid care, our self-watering planters with liners are the way to go, taking the guesswork out of plant care. With up to 1 gallon of water stored in the reservoir, your orchids are able to drink as needed by wicking water up through their root system. No more fear of under- or over-watering your delicate beauties.

With the help of our Saia self-watering orchid planter anyone can grow thriving orchids indoors. All it takes is this handy planter and a few simple steps:

  • Place your orchid out of direct sunlight in an east- or west-facing window.
  • Allow the root ball to breathe freely when transplanting to your planter liner.
  • Fill the reservoir to the halfway point via the water supply shaft using the convenient water level indicator.
  • When the reservoir is empty keep the planter dry for one week before refilling.

Additional Information

Ships In 5-7 Business Days
Product Dimensions 8"Dia. x 6.3"H

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