Shatterproof Self-Watering Planters - Multiple Sizes & Colors

Shatterproof Self-Watering Planters - Multiple Sizes & Colors


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Product Description

Shatterproof self-watering planters can be used indoors or outside and are available in sizes ranging from 9"-17" diameter and in an array of colors. New to gardening or just don't have the time to mind plants constantly? These UV protected self-watering planters are perfectly suited to make you look like a pro. Add these indoor/outdoor planter pots to:

  • Office buildings
  • Apartments, condominiums and townhomes
  • Front porches or backyard decks
  • Brighten garden pathways and poolside patios

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Product Overview

Make your home look like a showroom and yourself look like a mater gardener with our attractive round modern planters. Each lightweight self-watering planter is available in four different sizes and colors, allowing you the freedom to match it perfectly to your décor and container gardening needs. These indoor/outdoor planters add a chic touch to patios, porches, living rooms, kitchens, entryways.

These all-inclusive self-watering containers make perfect tropical and orchid planters because they simulate the natural plant feeding process. Flowers are planted in the removable planter insert for easy maintenance. Water is stored in the lower reservoir, allowing plants to wick up water through their roots for days without watering. Never again worry about over- or under-watering and vacation in peace knowing your plants are being taken care of by their self watering planters! Simply refer to the water level indicator when adding water via the convenient water supply shaft.

Mix and match colors of these sleek shatterproof planters to create your ideal maintenance-free container garden!

Additional Information

Ships In 5-7 Business Days
Product Dimensions 9"Dia. x 8"H
11"Dia. x 10"H
14"Dia. x 13"H
17"Dia. x 16"H

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