Brimmed Self-Watering Planters - Multiple Sizes and Colors

Brimmed Self-Watering Planters - Multiple Sizes and Colors

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Product Description

Our attractive brimmed round self-watering resin planter pots are the innovative modern plant containers to meet all of your indoor or outdoor container gardening needs. Not only are these stylish planters a natural fit for any type of décor, thanks to their sleek versatile design, but they also offer the incredibly convenient self-watering sub-irrigation system built right in. These handsome outdoor self-watering containers take all of the guesswork out of plant care since plants are allowed to drink as needed from a lower water supply, saving you both time and resources. Even the most inexperienced or time-constrained gardener can produce healthy, thriving plants in these handy self-watering containers.

Large brimmed self-watering pots are made from an environmentally friendly resin plastic material, making their eco-conscious benefits twofold. For one, no water is wasted in the watering process since the planter holds just enough water for your plants to drink as needed. And for two, these 100% recyclable plastic outdoor planters will last for many years. Unlike wooden or ceramic planters, these wonderfully resilient garden and patio planters are impervious to weather and insect damage. Made with sturdy double-wall construction, they are resistant to rotting, cracking, chipping, and warping.

With an eye-catching tapered round silhouette, these resin planter pots add instand curb appeal. Place one on your patio or deck to add a splash of vibrant floral life, or arrange half a dozen to create a container garden display.

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Price From: $121.97

Product Overview

A Functional and Fashionable Self-Watering Planter

With these delightful plastic outdoor planters we offer both gardening convenience and an upscale sense of style, something that's virtually impossible to find in big box home improvement store patio planters! Our brimmed resin planter pots have a chic minimalist look that is decidedly modern in appeal (even though it is versatile enough for any decorative application). Without any unnecessary designs or ornamentation, the sleek curvaceous silhouette of this planter speaks for itself. With a wide flat rim, this round planter tapers down to a minimal footprint that adds visual interest while also saving space on your porch or balcony. We offer a variety of colors to choose from, allowing you to customize to match your existing décor.

Long Lasting Outdoor Resin Planter Pots

These handsome self-watering containers are made from a high quality resin plastic material. They are rotationally molded to give you a look of handcrafted symmetrical perfection, just like clay and ceramic planters. However, unlike ceramic, wood, stone, and other natural materials, these outdoor planter pots will last for many years without showing signs of wear and tear. Resin is a moisture-resistant material that gives you watertight planters that will never rot in wet weather. These will never fade in direct sunlight either. In fact, each one comes with a 10-year limited manufacturer's warranty protecting against both fading and cracking. Made with double-wall construction, this large outdoor planter is well insulated and anti-shock. The Brimmed collection is also incredibly lightweight, making them a welcome gardening solution for balconies or rooftop applications.

Plant Containers Featuring TruDrop Technology

A unique feature of the Brimmed collection is the innovative self-watering technology. With this planter we've employed the age-old sub-irrigation gardening technique - that is watering plants from below rather than above - that creates healthier, more vibrant, prolific, and beautiful plants. Since plants are allowed to drink directly from their root systems there is no overhead water spray damaging fragile young sprouts and blooms. And with these self-watering plant containers you can rest assured that your treasured garden beauties will get just the right amount of moisture. Each rimmed planter has a fill hole and water level indicator right on the rim, letting you know when another fill-up is needed. Water then fills the lower reservoir where it is held for as many as 3-4 weeks (depending on planter size and the zone in which you reside). Each container also has both two drainage options for indoor or outdoor use. You'll never have to worry about messy water stains on your floors with this planter!

Additional Information

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Product Dimensions

18" Size:

Top: 17.17"Dia.
Base: 10.03"Dia.
Height: 17.71"
Soil Capacity: 5.14 Gallons
Water Reservoir Capacity: 3.92 Gallons

22" Size:

Top: 21.65"Dia.
Base: 12.6"Dia.
Height: 21.85"
Soil Capacity: 9.95 Gallons
Water Reservoir Capacity: 7.32 Gallons

26" Size:

Top: 25.59"Dia.
Base: 14.96"Dia.
Height: 25.79"
Soil Capacity: 17.73 Gallons
Water Reservoir Capacity: 11.86 Gallons

30" Size:

Top: 29.53"Dia.
Base: 17.72"Dia.
Height: 29.72"
Soil Capacity: 27.94 Gallons
Water Reservoir Capacity: 19.91 Gallons

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