16in. Cottage Weave CUBE Self-Watering Planter

16in. Cottage Weave CUBE Self-Watering Planter


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Product Overview

The Cottage Weave Cube is available in white, granite or mocha. This Cottage Weave Cube Self Watering Planter has been specifically designed for plants with larger root volumes, and features a natural looking wicker weave accent on the outside of the box, that resists the weather and looks good all year long. Included in this set is an interchangeable plant liner with water minder, and recessed carrying handles. The 16" Cottage Weave Cube is a self watering planter in the perfect cube shape. Ideal by the pool or in pairs flanking a front door, the Cottage Weave Cube Self Watering Planter will keep your plants and flowers nourished with no hassle.
Price From: $132.97

Additional Information

Additional Info

A decorative outdoor planter with a little height speaks volumes for curb appeal. Have a flat, one-dimensional front stoop that needs some sprucing? Tall square planters help to layer in dimension, drawing the eye vertically and making an entryway feel more grand. And on a back patio, container garden arrangements help to add splashes of color to outdoor living. Adorn that al fresco dining space with fruitful arrangements of coreopsis, foxglove or alyssum - whatever your green thumb desires.

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Product Dimensions 16" x 16" x 16"

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