40in. Bryersburg Tall Patio Planters - 3 Colors

40in. Bryersburg Tall Patio Planters - 3 Colors

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Product Description

Add height and dimension to your patio garden with these modern tapered planters. Made for use with real or artificial plants, the Bryersburg tall planters are as good looking as they are strong, making them great for home or office use. The small square footprint doesn't take up much space, allowing you create as large or small of a display as you want. Line multiple containers along your balcony or near the pool for increased privacy, or place individual pots near pathways or in corners to freshen your space.

  • 38 gallon soil capacity
  • Use as indoor or outdoor planters
  • UV rated to resist fading
  • Dependable performance in any environment
  • Made in USA.

Be sure to check out our Bryersburg trough planters and additional tapered square planter sizes online to coordinate your décor theme throughout your yard.

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40in. Bryersburg Tall Patio Planter - Black
40in. Bryersburg Tall Patio Planter - Espresso
40in. Bryersburg Tall Patio Planter - White

Product Overview

Create An Unforgettable Entryway Display

Add an upscale architectural element to patios and terraces; create an unforgettable display at your front door or driveway; add a simple elegant focal point to light up a room. Anything is possible with our modern tapered planters from the Bryersburg collection. They have a slim, streamlined silhouette that is as visually appealing as it is space-conscious. And with this lightweight polyethylene material you can happily place this planter on any balcony, deck or rooftop without worry of weight constraints. The Bryersburg large garden pots instantly add tons of vertical appeal without over ornamentation. The perfect balance of form and function!

Ultra-Elegant Modern Tapered Planters

A square tapered silhouette is the trademark of the Bryersburg design. This upward flair adds the illusion of even more sky-reaching height to a planter that is already nearly four feet in height. Though it draws on a classic concept, this shape is distinctly modern, accentuated by the wide rim and pronounced footer. This design pairs beautifully with upright plantings such as palms and small ornamental trees, manicured boxwood shrubs, and ornamental grasses. With a 38-gallon soil capacity you have plenty of interior space to plant whatever your heart desires. Since these vinyl planters are maintenance-free themselves, why not add artificial plants to complete the no-hassle focal point?

High-Quality Materials, Long-Lasting Value

The benefits of the Bryersburg planter don't end with its sophisticated good looks. That's only half of it, in fact. This planter gets the other half of its unbeatable value with durable high-quality polyethylene material. This resilient material allows these tall planters to be used in any outdoor location, all year round. They are insect-, rot - and weather-proof in all climates. Fading and discoloration are also not a problem thanks to UV-inhibitors in the material. Choose from three stunning colors - Black, Sandstone, and White - and count on them to keep their sheen for many years. A 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty is included.

Additional Information

Ships In 3-4 Business Days
Product Dimensions

Exterior: 22"L x 22"W x 40"H
Interior(top): 16.5"L x 16.5"W

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