38in. Lakeview Tall Planter w/ Liner

38in. Lakeview Tall Planter w/ Liner

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Product Description

Looking for just the right piece to accent your coastal décor theme? The Lakeview is a collection of decorative louvered planters, drawing design elements from coastal architecture. These tall vinyl planter boxes come in four handsome colors, all inherently UV protected to keep planters from fading or discoloring.

  • 24 gallon soil capacity
  • For daily interior or exterior use
  • Includes liner for increased rigidity
  • 4 colors to choose from
  • Made in USA

Use them around the porch or balcony! This tall square planter box doesn't take up much space, and is a beautiful way to fill empty corners or accent a patio area. Choose from classic colors like white, brown, sandstone, and black. Matching square and tapered square Lakeview designs also available.

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Product Overview

Decorative Louvered Planters for Coastal Décor

Bring a touch of coastal appeal to your porch or patio, even if you live miles away from the closest shore. Any space can feel like a beach retreat with these decorative louvered planters. The make the perfect addition to your existing coastal décor, or can simply add a touch of relaxed elegance to your outdoor space. These tall square planters are great for hotels, resorts, and spas with a beach theme, or simply placed by your home pool or on the deck. They have a classic framed panel design that speaks of low-key beauty, complete with slatted sides that give it that distinct nautical charm.

Vinyl Planter Boxes that Mimic Wood

Available in four colors - White, Black, Sandstone, and Espresso - this slatted planter has the charming traditional look of handcrafted wood, even though it is actually made from a modern molded polyethylene material. You get the custom handcrafted look of wood combined with the durability of high-quality vinyl. What's not to love? Unlike wooden planters that have to be repainted, repaired, and replaced year after year, these resilient vinyl planter boxes will give you years of outstanding outdoor performance. No maintenance needed. While wood is highly susceptible to insect damage and rot, our Lakeview planters are completely worry-free.

Year-Round Fade-Free Outdoor Performance

With a slightly tapered silhouette and vertical form, this tall planter allows you to create a big impact without taking up a lot of space. It also has a generous interior space - 24-gallon capacity - for growing all of your favorite plants and a removable liner for added rigidity. Use it as functional and attractive kitchen-side container garden for herbs and vegetables. Or use it as a purely aesthetic focal point with a manicured topiary or tropical palm. UV inhibitors molded into the material prevent fading in even the sunniest of spaces. Enjoy year-round coastal elegance anywhere in your yard or in your home.

Additional Information

Ships In 3-4 Business Days
Product Dimensions

Exterior: 22"L x 22"W x 38"H
Interior(top): 14.5"L x 14.5"W

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