24in. Tall Raised Garden Planter on Legs

24in. Tall Raised Garden Planter on Legs


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Product Description

A lovely gardening option for small spaces, our untreated, chemical-free cedar raised garden beds allow you to keep your favorite plants off the ground for convenient maintenance and healthier growth.

  • Measures 41" long x 25" wide x 24" high
  • Made from American white cedar
  • Planter is resistant to insects, decay, and moisture damage
  • Add garden life to patios, decks, and porches
  • Great for introducing children to gardening
  • Light assembly required.

Product Overview

The perfect planter bed for junior gardeners, small space gardeners, or simply anyone who is tired for bending, stooping and crawling to tend to their plants, this raised garden planter provides a way to cultivate your favorite vegetables, herbs, flowers, or foliage in even the smallest of sunny spaces. Raised bed gardens are both a convenient and effective way to create your perfect garden plot, placing plants right at eye level while also keeping them out of the reach of pesky insect invaders. On your deck, patio, or placed strategically in your yard, this cedar raised planter brings eye catching appeal to you garden ventures.

Raised up on sturdy legs, these cedar wood raised garden beds prevent you from getting down on hands and knees to weed, plant seeds, pick veggies, or trim foliage. They also make the perfect gardening plot for those mini farmers in your life, placing plants right in reach as youngsters learn about gardening. Each raised planter provides over seven square feet of soil space for growing whatever you like. Enjoy herbs and vegetables right outside your back door. Or fill this cedar planter with flowers in vines to make a stunning statement in your yard or garden. These handy planters are great for small spaces, allowing you to garden right on your apartment or townhouse patio or porch.

Each raised garden planter is made from sustainably harvest white cedar here in America. They feature a sturdy slat construction using only screws- no nail or staples here!- for the greatest in strength and longevity. This slat construction also allows air to circulate and water to drain from your garden bed, giving your plants the best chance at healthy and lush growth. Cedar is naturally resistant to moisture damage, insects, and decay, offering you years of gardening pleasure.

Additional Information

Ships In 4-6 Weeks
Product Dimensions 41"L x 25"W x 24"H

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