Oversized Slatted Deck Planter 48 inch

Oversized Slatted Deck Planter 48 inch


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Product Description

With an ultra deep interior and spacious surface area, this extra large cedar planter allows you to grow the organic container garden of your dreams right on your deck or patio.

  • Planter measures 48"Length x 18" wide x 19" height
  • Made from sustain-ably sourced white cedar
  • Cedar planters have a natural resistance to insects, decay, and weathering
  • Classic slatted design goes with any type of outdoor décor
  • Grow anything from herbs to fruit trees with over 6 square feet interior space

Product Overview

On a patio or along a garden path, this oversized wooden planter uses natural appeal to enhance your outdoor décor. And because of its jumbo size it's the perfect way to create a thriving container garden anywhere you choose. With an extra deep interior and generous surface area, you can grow a variety of fresh vegetables, bunches of fragrant herbs, and even fruit bearing trees in these extra large cedar wood deck planters. Because they are made from 100% cedar hardwood and no manmade materials you can count on these planters to help your plants thrive without the use of harmful chemicals or the release of toxic outgases. Organic gardening at its best!

Our oversized deck planters are made in the United States using locally and sustainably sourced Northern white cedar. Each classic planter is handcrafted, featuring a slatted, crate-style design that goes well with any type of exterior décor. An extra wide footer and rim ensure the durability of this planter while also enhancing its visual appeal. You can paint this untreated wood to match your outdoor color scheme, or leave it untreated for a completely organic appeal. Left out in the elements over time this wooden planter only improves with age, weathering to a striking silvery-grey patina that enhances the rustic charm. But no matter what Mother Nature might throw at it, this outdoor planter won't deteriorate as the seasons go by. Cedar is naturally resistant to moisture and sun damage, including swelling, cracking, warping, or rotting. And since cedar is a natural insect deterrent, you won't have to worry about termites or wood bores damaging your planter.

Whether you want to grow healthy, organic vegetables, flourishing rose bushes, or luxurious evergreen shrubs, this oversized cedar planter is a great place to start your fun and rewarding container gardening experience.

Additional Information

Ships In 1-2 Weeks
Product Dimensions 48"L x 18"W x 19"

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