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Artificial Fir Christmas Trees

Modeled after a seasonal icon, our artificial fir Christmas trees have all the charm of an evergreen plucked straight from a snow-covered forest. Using a living muse of Douglas and Fraser Fir artificial Christmas trees in this collection achieve a realistic shape, texture and color.

With construction out of quality PVC materials finished with molded tips for realism, we think each Douglas Fir artificial Christmas tree is giving the real thing a run for its money. And speaking of money, Douglas and Fraser Fir artificial Christmas trees are a smart investment in seasonal decor. They set up and break down easily for storage for effortless use from year to year.

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The Douglas and Fraser Fir Artificial Christmas Trees at Windowbox take a Christmas classic and turn it into a lifelike faux decoration. Based on an iconic piece of seasonal decor, our artificial fir Christmas trees make the ultimate centerpiece for your family gatherings and other holiday festivities. When gathered around a Douglas Fir artificial Christmas tree your family will feel cheer and warmth as only the yuletide season can provide.

Made from durable PVC material, each of the artificial fir Christmas trees featured here is a quality grade product for interior use. Homeowners and office decorators who love the classic charm of fir trees are turning to faux designs more and more for cost and maintenance reasons. For example, a Douglas Fir artificial Christmas tree does not drop needs, requires tricky tree stand watering and definitely will not end up in the trash at the end of the holiday. Investing in faux Christmas trees is a smart choice that will pay off for seasons to come.

Many of the Douglas and Fraser Fir artificial Christmas trees we feature come with pre-strung lights. These are evenly dispersed throughout the branches for an even, elegant glow that avoids light string tangling. And although artificial fir Christmas trees come with some of the decoration already built in, they still leave room for your family ornaments and keepsakes. Just like their counterparts in nature, each Fraser and Douglas Fir artificial Christmas tree is a hearty arbor with plenty of strength to hold up decorations affixed with hooks and strings. In fact, many of our customers find that artificial fir Christmas trees are even stronger.

Although undeniably lovely when decorated and lit up, at the beginning and end of each season is when artificial Christmas trees arguably shine the most. A smart construction makes trees easy to set up and break down for storage making for hassle-free transitions. Metal hinges prevent pinches and wire slips that can damage light strings, and also help the tree to resist sagging and breakage when the tree is assembled and fully decorated.

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