Get the Right Railing Planter Brackets for Your Home

Find the right deck bracket for your railing planters

You can grow a gorgeous container garden anywhere, no matter the size of your outdoor space. We offer a huge selection of fixed and adjustable railing planter brackets made to work with nearly any flower box style and size.

Plant herbs and edibles to boost your cooking game to the next level, or delicate trailing florals for a dramatic display. Railing planters not only allow you to grow a thriving garden in midair, they also add decorative appeal to your home.

In this helpful buying guide we'll walk you through simple tips and recommendations. Read on to learn how to choose the right planter box brackets for your balcony or deck planters.

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Wooden Deck Railings

Lumber for wooden deck railings is cut in nominal sizes* including 2x4, 2x6, and 2x8 beams. To protect your railing we offer no-drill flower box brackets that clip over or clamp onto railings, preventing property damage while holding planters safe and secure.

Product shown: Adjustable Deck Drape Holder

Looking for adjustable railing planters? These metal brackets drape over deck railings, supporting flower boxes from beneath. Available in 7" and 9" shelf widths; both sizes will support planters up to 36" long. Each piece is powder coated in a rust-resistant black finish.

Product shown: Deck Rail Bracket Pair

These brackets clip easily over 2x4, 2x6, or 2x8 wooden railings. Made for use with our metal window box cages and tapered iron window boxes, this bracket design bolts to the planter but not to your rail. Each bracket features pre-drilled holes that align perfectly, allowing you to bolt planters to the bracket itself.

Product shown: Deluxe Deck Rail Brackets

Available to fit 2x4 or 2x6 deck rails, each bracket clips over the top of your wooden railing and does not require drilling. Made for use with our metal window box cages, tapered iron and fiberglass window boxes, these brackets also fit most of our hayrack style planters.; available to fit 2x4 or 2x6 deck rails.

* Nominal lumber sizes 2x4 (1.5"x3.5"), 2x6 (1.5"x5.5"), and 2x8 (1.5"x7.5")

Square & Round Wrought Iron Railings

Metal balcony railings are the perfect place to start a garden. When shopping for window box brackets for railings, be sure to take down the exact dimensions of your rail and note any considerations for vertical balusters, decorative embellishments, or architectural elements that might interfere. This will help you narrow down your selection quickly.

Product shown: Railing Shelf Bracket

Designed to fit most wrought iron fences and rails up to 2.5", these supports feature adjustable stabilizers that rest on vertical balusters. Works with any planter design, just hang and place container on bracket shelf. Shelf widths include 8.5", 9.5", and 11.25" and all pieces are powder coated to resist rusting.

Product shown: Metal Rail & Balcony Brackets

Made to fit over round and square metal railings .75 to 5.5", these rust-resistant black brackets do not require drilling but have a pre-drilled hole just in case you want extra security. They work with all of our metal window box cages, tapered iron, and fiberglass boxes, as well as many of our hayrack trough planters.

Product shown: Medallion Rail Brackets

Designed for any railing measuring 1.75" or smaller, these brackets are for lightweight balcony planters only. Use with our Medallion or Countryside vinyl window boxes, or any planter weighing less than 37lbs.

Uniquely Shaped & Oversized Railings

An inexpensive option, these industrial grade tie straps hold up to 250 pounds each and come in packs of 4. Fitting rails up to 13" circumference, cable ties are also a great way to deter theft and keep planters on railings and fences in windy locations.

Product shown: Heavy Duty Cable Ties

Designed for rails up to 15" circumference and for use with our Balconera Deck Planter Box, these work with any flat-bottomed container less than 7" wide. They hold up to 55 pounds and can also be used for wall mounting - a truly universal bracket. Features a soft fabric strap preventing any chance of railing damage; available in black or white.

Product shown: Balconera Deck Rail Brackets

Determining How Many Brackets You Will Need

The longer the flower box, the heavier it gets. For containers up to 48", 1 pair will work. Boxes up to 72" require the use of 2 pairs, with additional bracket placement needed every additional 16" beyond.

Working with an HOA? If we don't have an in-stock product that works we can design HOA-approved window box brackets to meet any specification, just ask! We also offer one-on-one consultation over the phone, weekdays, 7am-5pm PT.

Discover additional styles, sizes, and colors of railing brackets in our expansive online collection, or call toll-free to request more information: 1-888-427-3362

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