48x24 Stratosphere Outdoor Privacy Panel - 90% Privacy Rating

48x24 Stratosphere Outdoor Privacy Panel - 90% Privacy Rating


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Product Description

Featuring an 90% privacy rating, the Stratosphere Outdoor Privacy Panel measures 48" x 24" and can be used as a fast-install DIY privacy screen, as an outdoor fence/wall covering or to simply add a bit of shade to an otherwise sunny location.

  • Maximum privacy, allows sunlight to filter through 10% of the panel design
  • Made from sustainable, natural timber
  • Paintable using any Low VOC water-based seal, stain or paint finish
  • Leave unfinished for a naturally rustic patina
  • Use a single panel or assemble multiple panels to create a larger structure.

Shop our selection of DIY privacy fence ideas online or call toll-free to work with a product expert: 1-888-427-3362

Product Overview

Use DIY Privacy Screens to Design Your Outdoor Space

When looking at the circular lines of 48" x 24" Stratosphere outdoor privacy screen you can, depending on your view, envision blooming foliage or fluffy clouds across its wood surface. Because the Stratosphere screen is manufactured using environmentally friendly, sustainable wood, you have long-lasting peace of mind to go along with a great contemporary look. The functionality aligns with the visual appeal when you consider these screens have a high privacy/blockout range of 90%. With that much blockage, you will gain all the privacy you want without losing any of the beauty.

Choose Your Shape and Style

A great feature of these screens is their adaptability to suit any space, indoors or out. Looking for DIY privacy fence ideas that are unique to your yard? You can cut these panels to any size/shape desired, and they're paintable using any standard low VOC water-based paint. Add interest with sky blue or whitewash the fence to accentuate the cumulus cloud design. Need help? No problem! Our friendly garden experts will walk you through the process of sizing over the phone and can help you determine just what you need to create the patio of your dreams. Look over some of our "how-to" information or simply give us a call. When stacked, the screens create enclosures that block and hide almost anything ground level. Create a multi-dimensional screen with varied heights and angles. Build in garden boxes, tiered patio systems or even a custom poolside escape.

Many Uses

The versatility of these screens allows a range of use. Enclose your patio or porch without having to hire a construction crew. You can create a privacy screen along any border of your property or around the house, transforming your landscape in a day. Use these screens to keep family and pets safe around pools, prickly garden plants and firepits. The Stratosphere decorative screen provides a subtle compliment for planted outdoor spaces. Use them for cladding planters, storage boxes or to dress up worn wooden fences. Also great for use covering unsightly retaining walls, air conditioning vents and unattractive rooftop features. Shop online or call to work with us on your next project: 1-888-427-3362

Additional Information

Additional Info

Get this look: A private backyard alcove for lounging and entertaining in style.*
*Instructions are for panel design shown in center of photo only. Frame another divider wall and mount lower to create the step-down look shown.

What you'll need:

  • 10 Stratosphere 48" x 24" panels
  • 6 two-by-fours, measured and cut to size
  • Low VOC water-based sealant or stain (optional; protects against aging)
  • Paint brush, roller, or spray gun (optional)
  • Galvanized screws, nails, or (for metal applications) pop rivets
  • Screwdriver or hammer

Easy install steps:

  1. Optional: Apply sealant or stain to both sides of each panel with two or more light coats. Let dry.
  2. Measure the space between architectural beams. Make a wooden frame using two-by-fours (placed vertically and horizontally) to fit in the space between the beams.
  3. Install the wooden frame between the two beams using evenly spaced fasteners.
  4. Starting at the bottom of the frame, fasten panels to the surrounding frame, placing fasteners at 12" intervals around each panel's border (minimum 10 fasteners per panel), keeping the pattern consistent, until all ten panels are installed.
Ships In 5-7 Business Days
Product Dimensions 48" x 24"

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