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Succulent Mix in Woven Basket

Succulent Mix in Woven Basket


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Product Overview

Succulents come in wide variety of shapes, colors and textures, and need very little water, and the dark brown bamboo basket container really makes these colors of the succulents stand out, and gives it a tropical feel. Succulents are the desert survivalists of the plant kingdom, and they store moisture in their stems, roots, and leaves and can withstand prolonged drought. You can give the gift of a miniature succulent garden in this bamboo container that measures 5" diameter x 4" height. This is the perfect gift for someone who has "gone green" and is also a busy individual that likes to keep things low maintenance. This arrangement of succulents would make an interesting home décor accent or a focal point inside the home. Succulents may vary.

Additional Information

Product Dimensions Basket measures 5" dia x 4" height
Ships In 2-3 Business Days

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