Tapered Arch Railing Planter

Tapered Arch Railing Planter


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Product Description

Tapered Arch Railing Planter Details:

  • All steel construction with a powder-coat finish
  • Select vinyl, galvanized, or real copper liners
  • Select Rail size: Standard wood, wrought iron, or up to 2.5” dia round
  • For standard liner fitment, add 1” to length of cage
  • 8.5"in width x 7.5" in height, taper reduces bottom 3"length, 2.5" width
  • Custom size or rail? Call one of our window box experts (888)427-3362

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Product Overview

Ensure you have enough railing planters to create an impact of color and texture along balcony or fence rails with our Tapered Arch Railing Planter. One of our most popular planters, this hand-crafted steel beauty has been designed to last for many seasons with our oven cured powder-coat process. We designed this window box to hold standard tapered liners by adding 1” to the overall length on each of our standard sizes. So for example, a 24” Tapered Arch Railing planter, is actually 25” in length to contain a 24” standard liner. The top width from front to back is 8.5”, and the overall height is 7.5”. The taper design reduces the overall length by 3.5” and the width by 2.5”—this gives it that unmistakable look of grace and refinement. With all of our Tapered Arch Railing Planters, you can choose from the basic plastic liner, to a galvanized tapered liner with drainage holes, to the high-end gardener’s first choice: real copper. Real copper liners will never rust, and snails and slugs will not cross over it like other planter liners to make a supper out of your pansies and petunias. Real copper also turns that verdigris color which designers and home-owners alike covet. At windowbox.com we even designed an optional tapered watering reservoir to fit perfectly inside these liners- providing nourishing moisture to your plants and flowers. Attaching the Tapered Arch Railing Planter to most standard types of rails is a breeze with our well designed bracketry we offer. Choose from wood 2x4 and 2x6, to metal railings that are flat and square, or rounded or beveled railings up to 2.5” in diameter or width. With Tapered Arch Railing Planters, you can say good bye to boring fences and lack luster balcony railings, and say hello to colorful planters creating eye catching displays placed along patios, decks, backyards, and balconies. Desire a custom size, or don’t see your type of railing? Call us for a quote or a solution to your home improvement at 888-427-3362

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