Glass Terrariums & Hanging Glass Terrariums

Getting creative decorating your home or office is easy using hanging glass terrariums. A new favorite of DIY'ers and Eco-conscious designers, terrarium containers make great homes for air plants, tillandsia, and other lightweight decorative items, live or artificial. Many people like to grow succulents, airplants and tillandsia varieties, grasses, even small flowers inside hanging glass terrariums. A succulent terrarium, in particular, is easy to care for, requiring little watering yet still looks green all year around.

With a wide variety of terrariums for sale online, you can select multiples to hang in groups, tiered fashion, or even create a focal point in the corner of a room. DIY terrariums let you express your own creativity. Select living greens, moss, lightweight tree branches arranged to look like a bird's nest inside glass terrariums. These are just a few novel ideas on how to make a terrarium that really draws attention. Suspend hanging terrarium globes from a wall hook or from the ceiling with jute string, fishing line, even colorful ribbon to set your self-made creation apart. Regardless of what you choose, terrariums are a great way to "think outside the pot".

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Fun and Lively Terrariums For Sale

A DIY'ers dream container, our fun and lively terrariums for sale online come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Choose terrarium containers as a globe, ellipse, oval or teardrop-shaped bubble, whatever appeals to the eye, and let the magic begin. Choices begin as an 8" Water Drop for a singular display from a wall hook, or mix and match 4", 5" and 6" bubbles to hang in groups, and sizes and shapes in between. This collection of globe terrariums are an opportunity to think "outside the pot" for a dazzling, dangling houseplant. Each hanging porcelain and glass terrarium makes an ideal home for small succulents, mosses, and small green foliage sprigs. Many savvy terrarium DIY'ers like to add PlanterWell GrowBrownies "Crumbs" to hold moisture and nutrients in.

How to Make a Terrarium

DIY terrariums are easy to make. When first planning how to make a terrarium for your living or office space, follow these simple steps:
  1. Begin with cleaned terrarium
  2. Fill the bottom of the terrarium with a small amount of PlanterWell GrowBrownie Crumbs to hold water for drainage and later wicking If planting succulents or other live plants, add a small layer of potting soil specially mixed for them
  3. Add plants beginning with largest ones first, removing excess dirt; arrange according to preference
  4. Add lively landscaping as space allows For a succulent terrarium, "trim" with light layer of sand, a succulent's best friend.

With mix-and-match hanging glass globes it is also fun to vary fillers and include other favorite accents like tea lights, picked wildflowers, seashells and sand. Of course adding faux flowers and plants for variety are another alternative to live.

DIY Glass Terrariums Ideas

Hanging glass terrariums are an enchanting concept that can charm your home or office. Easily suspend in your work cubicle with a wall hook to add personal charm and color, adding a fresh element for a renewed sense of energy. You can display a small succulent garden, air plants or tillandsia for a low-maintenance decorative flare. Or fill with faux flowers and foliage for a completely no-maintenance solution. At home, create a tiered effect with different size terrariums of whatever you plant or place. Hang on Bijou Wall Hooks and suspend with Jute string, fishing line or colorful ribbon.