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Create a tiny garden in an unexpected place with these terrariums for plants. These novel options provide a safe enclosure for succulents, cacti, some herbs, and even flowering plants, and are a great way to add greenery to your interior and exterior decor.

Terrarium options include hanging, tabletop and standing styles. In urban homes or apartments with limited space for gardening, a hanging globe can make an ideal growing space. Get greenery on your tabletop or even suspended from a vaulted ceiling beam. Defy spatial limitations, and add trailing plants or blooms where other planters can't. Shop online today!

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Explore a variety of small, versatile garden containers. For gardeners who love new ideas, homeowners who love greenery but have limited space, or for professionals who want to spruce up their office or cubicle, garden terrariums are an innovative gardening option. Part of the beauty is its versatility to go where other planters and pots can't!

In this assortment of available products we have assembled styles on stands, for hanging, or to place on tabletops. Choose from quaint and elegant glass cloche for the kitchen table or display a large standing option as a decorative accent in the living room. Then add complimentary plants, such as succulents, cactus, mosses and small grasses.

Glass container gardens offer an opportunity to bring live green plants and flowers to interior designs. In small apartments, urban condos or homes that want a low maintenance houseplant, these elegant units present an opportunity for small-scale growing that requires little upkeep. Just choose a container style, line the bottom with pebbles or rocks, and insert your plant of choice. You may also choose to line the container bottom with moss.

Gorgeous glass containers are also a unique gift option. Chic, easy to care for and environmentally sound, the gift of a glass garden container is a fun way to tell someone they deserve something beautiful. Floating jars or wall-hanging bubbles will work in virtually any home or office setting so you can give with confidence.

Get creative with your plants and personalize to your preference. Add other non-living accents like nature figurines, rocks, candles or even crystals. You may also group containers together, filling each with a different plant or object. Combine living plant arrangements with other favorite decorations like votive candles, seashells or keepsakes from a family vacation. Begin the fun with a mini garden project today and order online at!