Terrarium Kits, Containers & Fairy Garden Supplies

Catering to your indoor gardening needs, our planted terrarium kits for sale come with everything you need to create a mini oasis right inside your living room. Whether you prefer real or artificials in your glass terrarium containers, we have multiple options for you to shop right here. Tabletop, wall and hanging terrariums are available both DIY terrarium kits and empty glass terrarium containers if you prefer to pick your own plants. Collect different shapes and sizes for a diverse mini-container garden you can enjoy year-round indoors and out.

In addition, we also offer a fresh collection of moss ball planters and DIY fairy garden kits that come with everything you need to create a whimsical world in any container. From beach-themed to moss terrarium kits, WindowBox.com has unique accessories and fairy furniture for your miniature garden. Shop online or call for more information.

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Fairy Gardens & DIY Terrariums - Kit Style

DIY Terrariums and Fairy Gardens are now even simpler than ever before with our easy-to-use, Decorative Terrarium Kits for Sale. Whether you choose hanging glass globes, tabletop terrariums, terrarium bowl planters or other unique shapes, glass terrarium containers and miniature gardens definitely add interest and flare to any space. In fact, they are both an easy-care containers that are unique and highly decorative. With so many plant terrarium kits for sale, you may want to buy several for the home and office. With our festive hanging terrarium kits for sale, decorate a bare corner with preserved moss to add a pop of color or add a terrarium bowl planter to highlight a coffee table or desk. It seems there's no limit to terrarium ideas for the DIY'er.

Gardening Indoors with Terrariums

With tabletop and hanging terrarium kits for sale online, you'll have everything you need to get started, delivered directly to your doorstep. Each of our terrarium kits for sale comes with your choice of colorful treated moss (not a grow medium), and some come with artificial flowers. In the latter case, artificial terrarium plants make adding color that never dies, a convenient and carefree way to "garden". We can also ship our terrariums empty if you prefer to design your own. Using artificial or preserved plants in your terrariums ensures that they will always look their best and the glass terrarium containers themselves will require less maintenance.

Lots of Styles to Choose From

We carry lots of moss fairy gardens and glass terrarium containers and styles to choose from, perfect for all kinds of environments. In the tabletop category, we offer the Small and Medium Terrarium Bubble Bowl with moss. Order without moss if you prefer to fill with your favorite succulents or grasses. Each size has ample space for air to circulate. We also carry a Large Slanted Bias Terrarium Bowl - perfect for when your plants require a large 'breathing space'. We also have several versions of the lovely terrariums with diminutive multicolored flowers, showcasing a vibrant pop of color without having to plant a seed or water a sprout. These come in bowls, a square jar, and a lovely heart shaped terrarium suspended from its own stand.

For our pixie, sprite, and elfin friends, put them up in a locale that's worthy of their allure. The Woodland Fairy Garden Kit w/ Planter Bowl is an all-in-one kit. You can also pick up just the ingredients you'll need if you already have your own container. Check out the Woodland and Beach kits that contain elements like moss, decorative stones, mixed sea glass, and more.

How to Make a Terrarium

When considering your next mini garden or DIY terrarium project, we offer a few simple steps to get started.

  1. If planting live, begin with clean glass, then add a layer of soil, rock or a mixture of both. If planting succulents, add sand around the edging before installing plants.
  2. Arrange to suit your preferences, placing large plants first, typically at the back of the bowl. If incorporating artificial plants of your own, choose moss color(s) and add flowers or foliage as desired.
  3. Add your favorite fairy garden furniture, accessories, or other small decorative accents to personalize!

Some glass terrarium containers are designed to perform as vases. Just add water and float lovely flower buds or petals, then place on banquet or party tables for a dramatic effect. For more terrarium ideas or to work with a helpful staff member to assemble the perfect garden kit or gift bundle, please call toll-free.